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The next webinar, which is part of the Webinar Series ‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’ will be suited on Wednesday 16th of December 2020 @ 2 pm CET (Central European Time) and will cover the topic of Social Innovation for Systems Change and Sustainable Development: A Conversation with ReImagined Futures. The speakers will be Hrishabh Sandilya & Viliana Dzhartova. 

Webinar Focus

You can register for this webinar on this link.

This webinar is a part of the ‘Future Skills for workplace sustainability’ series and will be a live chat with Hrishabh Sandilya and Viliana Dzhartova from ReImagined Futures who will be talking about the future of entrepreneurship and development as well as the mantras of sustainability, social innovation and system thinking.

Using simple, real-life examples from their work and experience, they will provide context on these paradigms and the roles they will play going forward.


About the Speakers

The next webinar: Viliana Dzhartova:
The next webinar: Viliana Dzhartova:

Viliana Dzhartova (Vili) is passionate about systems change through organisational transformation and has seven years of experience in social and environmental sustainability.

She started her career in the social impact world in 2012, with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhamed Yunus and ever since, Vili has focused on social innovation and learning about different pathways to systems change.

Vili spent four years in key roles at Ashoka – the biggest global network of social entrepreneurs – where she designed and led network innovations in the education system before she moved to Teach the First UK, where she led social innovation ideation and incubation programming.

In 2019, Vili moved to Spain to build and head Glovo’s social impact work globally. As one of Spain’s fastest growing tech companies as part of the gig economy, improving Glovo’s huge social and environmental impact was a great challenge and learning opportunity for her.

Vili is currently consulting for Play Verto where they design global programmes empowering children and young people to become change-makers through play and creativity.


Hrishabh Sandilya
Hrishabh Sandilya:

Hrishabh Sandilya is currently a Director at Project Phoenix in Cyprus. Project Phoenix is a hybrid NGO and social enterprise that Hrishabh launched in Nicosia, in September 2019. It aims for systemic change of the migrant inclusion ecosystem.

At Project Phoenix, Hrishabh brings together his different skills and experience to empower refugees and migrants through entrepreneurship, premised on a social innovation and sustainability-based approach.

Previously, Hrishabh spent a decade working in leadership positions at the confluence of the education and entrepreneurial worlds, in Prague, Yerevan, Mumbai and Karlskrona.

In addition, Hrishabh is part of the core team at Zero Food Waste Cyprus, where he focuses on building the initiative and is a part of the founding team at CarbonSpace, a climate tech start-up, where he focuses on the maritime sector and European projects.

Hrishabh is a strong generalist, a natural systems-thinker and has multi-sectoral experience across the education, sustainability, maritime, political consultancy, hospitality, and international development worlds.


Who is the Webinar designed, and beneficial for?

This webinar would be suited to all from all backgrounds. If you have a business or organisation or looking to start one, this needs to be heard to enhance your chances of sustainability.

If you are not an entrepreneur, then this webinar will still benefit you to give awareness of something you may not realise is going on, and help gives you inspiration of how to be more mindful.

How to Present Yourself in the Best Way?

Photos: Shutterstock, provided by Hrishabh Sandilya and Viliana Dzhartova

The previous webinar can be found here. The video of the webinar with Aleksandar Dasic who was talking about launching the business during the COVID,  find here.

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