New Youth Time Podcast Episode on Freelancing

The Youth Time Podcast is back with a brand new episode, this time giving you the best freelancing tips with photographer, James Bridle.

Youth Time International Movement has launched a new episode of The Youth Time Podcast, featuring renowned freelance photographer, James Bridle, who talks about his journey and how other young freelancers can break into their preferred industry.

Hosts Olivia Hupp and Josh Donaldson take you into the world of journalism and freelancing before Josh speaks to James about his career, taking snaps of some of the best music acts in the world, including Billie Eilish and Post Malone.

James has also featured is this Magazine, which provides some great further reading to go alongside this episode of The Youth Time Podcast.


Back Catalogue

This is the third instalment of the podcast, following on from the first proper episode with MCW Global’s Leon Gojani.

To find the podcast, head to wherever you get your podcasts and search ‘Youth Time International Movement’ or ‘The Youth Time Podcast‘. Alternatively you can find it through this link to Spotify.

We will be releasing new episodes fortnightly, speaking to some of the world’s brightest minds on an array of topics.

So make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and please leave us a review too.

Photo: James Bridle Photography

Read more from James here:

Freelancing In Covid-19: An Interview With James Bridle

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