New Year’s Resolutions – These Meals Can Be Replaced with Healthier Versions

As it happens every year, we plan to start a new and better life with the beginning of the new year. And yes, often that includes a promise to lead a healthier lifestyle, and to lose weight and gain strength. To avoid making it a flop again this year, check out the changes that don´t have to be drastic to make a difference.

Changing our eating habits towards healthy foods is automatically thought of as moving to tasteless food. At fault is our subconscious that healthy foods have to be a punishment. Sometimes little changes can make that big difference.

Let’s begin with bread which historically has been a basic food in most cultures. Today we have a variety to choose from when we replace white bread with whole grain breads. For those who wish to be very attentive to the quality and want to bake their own breads, they can start with flat rolled breads that can be roasted on a flat pan. An excellent combination can be achieved with using rye, barley and oak flour. These have a high content of vitamins and fiber. 

White bread

Flat bread is easier to prepare

Next on the list is fat. Be it lard, butter or oil. For cooking the best options are grape seed oil or olive oil. Butter is essential for maintaining good health but should be limited to 7 to 8 grams each day.There are many alternatives to butter as a spread on bread, for example those based on tofu. 



Olive oil and grape seed oil

Spread made from tofu

Protein is important for muscle strength. For the vegetarians soy is the only source of A grade protein. This can be in the form of soy beans, tofu and several other products made from soy. Lentils and beans are also a good source of protein. For the non vegetarians the choices extend to lean meats as found in poultry, fish, egg whites while they can limit themselves on the red meats they eat.

Sausages can be replaced with a healthier foods

Lean meat and egg whites are great source of A grade protein

Soy is the only source of A grade protein – soy products

Variety of beans and lentils

An important part of a healthy diet are fruits and vegetables. Optimally, 5 pieces a day.

Five fruits and vegetables a day

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. You can always replace your cereals from the commercial variety to the ones you choose and and avoid added sugar.

Forget unhealthy cereals from shop

Make your own cereals

And finally water, adequate quantities of water are absolutely essential with a high fiber diet.

And of course drink water

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