Music And Makeup: The Perfect Match

As musicians become more influential in society, so has music and makeup. Here are some artists that have laid their foundations.

When pop sensation Rihanna launched her makeup line, Fenty Beauty with makeup store Sephora, the cosmetic world turned upside down as variations of eyeshadows, foundations, and concealers sold out in mere minutes. 

With music listeners craving more connection with musicians and global music artists, mainstream music favourites such as Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande set to tackle the makeup world, eager to try new and innovative approaches to the world of makeup cosmetics. Why is this? 

There could be many reasons why music artists have decided to branch out to the makeup industry. A huge reason is that many great artists create memorable fashion trends paired with memorable makeup looks for album covers, music videos, live performances, etc. 

With this notion engraved into pop culture, many music listeners are inspired by the musician’s aesthetic and beauty capabilities. However, is entering the cosmetic industry solely successful for mainstream musicians? 

Can independent artists find success in the world of makeup? Here are a few independent and mainstream music artists that embody the perfect potential of entering the cosmetic industry. 


Fall Out Boy 

Amid guyliner and edgy 2000s pop-rock, the iconic band Fall Out Boy has had a superb experience with image cosmetic collaborations. With the band’s bassist and fashion icon of the times, Pete Wentz it comes as no surprise that the once-popular band found a strong following for makeup looks and trends. 

With makeup looks dedicated from albums such as Take This To Your Grave and Mania, Fall Out Boy could still have a heavy influence on today’s makeup industry standards. 



Entertainment’s pop music star Poppy has proven to have the ability to conquer any artistry by musical storm. 

Not only has the trendy metal artist been nominated for Grammys, but the singer also is known for their out-of-this-world aesthetic and looks, specifically of her live performances. 

To show her approach to makeup and fashion, Poppy began posting makeup tutorials with her go-to calming voice, which gained music success with the ASMR community. 

Products used in the various makeup videos are from companies such as Mac Cosmetics, Bare Minerals, NYX, and more! 

This notion is bound to inspire the songstress to create an epic collaboration or makeup line of her own.


Lil Nas X 

With his new 2021 album Montero dominating the pop charts, rapper Lil Nas X is not shy of using vibrant makeup to allow users into his magical kingdom. 

From music videos such as Call Me By Your Name, That’s What I Want, and Industry the rapper experiments with his look that has inspired much of the makeup cosmetic community. With collaborations with Fenty Beauty, while appearing on various makeup YouTube tutorials, we would not be a strong surprise if we see the rapper collaborate with many more makeup companies, or create a brand himself. 



If you have never heard of the sensational k pop group BlackPink, then where have you been? With legendary dance routines, paired with amazing pop vocals and alternative instrumentation, BlackPink has been captivating the global music world for years! 

With their impressive beauty, along with their edgy and enticing music videos, it is natural to expect a makeup line from them soon. 

The wait may soon be over. According to, the popular makeup company MAC Cosmetics is partnering with the rap pop star of BlackPink, Lisa (née Lalisa Manobal) to launch her makeup collection! 

It will be a pleasure to see what looks and trends BlackPink will make within the makeup world. 


Miley Cyrus 

The world has come accustomed to the ever-evolving aesthetic of pop queen, Miley Cyrus. With her ability to morph and captivate music listeners not only with her monumental voice but with her amazing looks and fashion expertise, the singer has decided to journey into the skincare business. 

Rather than jumping into the makeup cosmetic world, the singer has teamed up with an established prescription brand His&Hers. 

According to, her new role as Creative Advisor will help promote efficient skincare practices for better skin health. However, as the high intensity of music artists’ impact on the makeup world continues to grow, a future in makeup cosmetics may also be bright for the songbird.

These particular musicians and more have the potential of creating a huge splash within the makeup world! As the world of social media and technology continues to rapidly grow, music listeners are infatuated with their favourite music artists, in ways they have never been before. 

As music listeners begin to look towards musicians for health, beauty, and life advice makeup is simply one option an artist can consider on growing their brand! 

Remember, music artists must continue to expand their artistic abilities into different realms, to further create more possibilities and artistic opportunities. 

So, if you are an independent artist and have a passion for makeup, what would your makeup brand look like? 

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