Multicultural Environment of Wellington – Study in New Zealand

New Zealand, the multi ethnic and a peaceful society which is also probably the civilization with the most equality towards women. We have been writing about the university cities in New Zealand and shall conclude with Wellington and the Victoria University of Wellington.

While most of New Zealand is multicultural, Wellington which is the capital, leads in this area with more than one third of the population from many different parts of the world. International students find themselves fitting in quite easily in this city.

A Little About Wellington

Three of the distinctions about Wellington that must be written about are that it’s among the windiest cities in the country and has the fittest and the most literate population. Interestingly and inspiringly a great number of the people in this city either jog or walk fast to their place of work and back.

Wellington City harbor and downtown

Compared to the other cities in New Zealand, Wellington is quite ‘new’ since it was almost entirely rebuilt after the earthquake of 1855. It is also considered to be one of the safest cities in the world.

While it is windy, the climate is quite pleasant most of the year and the city attracts a good share of tourists and tourism is one of the major revenue earners for the city.

Wellington is a very pleasant city to live in with its seaside promenades, beaches which are a running distance from where you might want to stay, has a magnificent coast, many green spaces and not far away are mountain biking and hiking tracks.

As for accommodations, you will always find something pleasing and refreshing. You can choose to stay with a family where you will be provided with a room and meals or at the university’s hall of residence where you can have a private room to yourself or a shared apartment.

All in all life in Wellington is such that you will live in a cheerful and a congenial atmosphere and in all likelihood make plenty of friends.

Victoria University of Wellington

Do visit the website of the university for more information.

Cost of Living

Even though the government contributes a few thousand dollars towards tertiary education of each student and is working towards making university education free, for the present, the fees are quite high, as was mentioned in our article on Christchurch and an international student must budget for the fees plus 800 US$ equivalent towards living expenses in addition to the accommodation which will cost you between 350 to 800 US$ equivalent, depending upon the kind of accommodation you choose.

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