Movies That Have Lost Impact with Time

For this weekend we have prepared a list of movie picks that were colossal hits when they came out and then, for various reasons, lost some of their initial impact over time and became films that one can enjoy watching, but not with the same effect that viewers experienced when they were introduced.

Jurassic Park

I was eleven or twelve when I saw the movie Jurassic Park and quite vividly remember the effect it had on me. Technically, and partly through the plot, but mainly thanks to the idea that it just might be possible to resurrect dinosaurs and bring them into the world of today. And what about the DNA passed up from mosquitoes? Wow. I can’t say the impact was the same several years later. The special effects are still good, the story is also still fine, but I don’t believe the film has managed to grow out of its time. And despite the well-played parts and billions of dollars in earnings, one cannot expect more than multiple screaming dinosaurs scaring the hell out of the Park’s visitors. Thankfully there are still the special effects.


So it is also with Titanic. I was little older then, but what a film it was. And I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Afterall, Titanic earned about 2 billion dollars. Seeing the film twenty years after its premiere, I felt . . . slightly embarrassed. Nevertheless, Titanic is considered one of the most romantic films at all times. Worth seeing at least.


A guy wearing unconventional blue underpants on top of his clothes and charged with extraterrestrial capabilities, such as flying, flying through objects without being injured, flying really fast and above all, remaining inhumanly humble, was A HERO at one time. The special effects have  gotten old in the meantime, the story is not even catching its breath with the fast-moving plots of today, and so what remains is an interesting insight to sci-fi as it was made in the seventies, and some famous names.

Home Alone

A film that was followed by multiple sequels, was enormous popular in the nineties, so much so that it earned the the title of Synonym to Christmas. Home Alone = Christmas time, endless reprises on TV and a rocket-like success for the child actor lead, Macaulay Culkin. As a film about an overpopulated and noisy family, in which at one moment is pronounced the unforgettable sentence: “Well, what else could we be forgetting? KEVIN” it was an OK family film. As the sequals arrived one by one, the film was less and less attended until it descended to the level of the inappropriate Home Alone 4, which collected the rating of trash. Thankfully, the original Christmas comedy will soon be taken out of the archives and will, in all its glory, once again cheer up audiences.

Photo: IMDB

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