Movies Set In Courtrooms

Following up on our summer series of the best movies from past decades, it is time to return to our customary, thematic approach to movies. Today we start with films that capture the environment of the courtroom, whether these are based on true stories or are fictional.

Primal Fear 

When a bishop is stabbed to death in his residence and a young man covered in blood is caught, a prominent lawyer, Martin Vail (Richard Gere), volunteers to take the case without a fee, believing that the accused is innocent.



Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington in a brilliant film about a young lawyer who is fired from his job because he is HIV positive and seeks representation from another lawyer to fight his case. After many refuse him, he finally meets one who has the simple conviction that, according to the Constitution, everybody should have the same rights.

A Few Good Men 

Two Marines are accused of murdering a fellow Marine. All the evidence seems to be clear, and the ambitious young lawyer who has gotten the case tries to advise them to confess in return for reduced sentences. The officer in charge, however, is convinced that the accused were carrying out an order from a commanding officer.

…And Justice for All 

The unforgettable and incomparable Al Pacino, who always studies each role to perfection, in a movie about an honest, idealistic lawyer in a corrupt system who finds himself in a position where he is supposed to defend a judge who has been accused of rape.

Evil Angels 

Based on a true story, Meryl Streep excels in the 1988 movie about Linda Chamberlain, whose baby daughter disappeared from a tent during a camping holiday in Australia. Despite the initial belief that a dingo had attacked the infant and carried her off, a shift in public opinion placed Linda in the position of being accused of murdering her daughter.

My Cousin Vinny 

The movie was introduced in a previous article – 5 Movie Characters who Will Drive You Crazy.

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