Media Information and Literacy: Open Call for Participants

Youth Time International Movement is officially inviting youth (18-30) who are living in the Czech Republic to apply for an open call for participants and to get the chance to attend the event "Media Information and Literacy" which will be held in Serbia (27.08. 2021 - 02.09.2021)

If you are currently living in the Czech Republic, aged 18-30, have an interest in Media and either currently work with supporting other youth (ages 18-35) or have a desire to help other youths, then fill out the form to apply!

Partnering with Erasmus+, media, and youth advocacy organisations from around Europe, Youth Time International Movement proudly presents an Erasmus+ Youth Worker Exchange programme ‘Media Information & Literacy: How to Live in a Transforming Digital World.’

We are looking for a participant to attend the event in Belgrade, Serbia to represent Youth Time International Movement from the 27th of August until the 2nd of September.

Learn about Media Information & Literacy by attending a series of Masterclasses, Workshops, Speeches, and Panel Discussions; Explore Serbian culture and make new friendships with other fellow youth from across Europe.

The final date for applications will be the 28th of June 2021.


About The Event: Media Information and Literacy


Media Information and Literacy (MIL) is a fast-growing field and is defined as the ability to access, analyse, and create media, as a prerequisite for citizens to realise their rights to freedom of information and expression.

This event is not just about education and formal sessions, there will also be plenty of networking opportunities, an excursion in Belgrade to show off Serbian culture, opening and closing galas, and much more to promote our mission of bringing together youth from all backgrounds, creeds and nationalities to share views, cultures, experiences and learn from one another to promote a positive future.

This event is an Erasmus+ Youth Worker Exchange programme.

It is dedicated to those who are either already working to support other youth or have a desire to, with the aim to gather new skills, learnings, and experiences to improve the deliverance of your mission &/or to pass on to other youths.



What can you expect from the event?


  • Participate in educational and interactive talks and become inspired through workshops and masterclasses conducted by esteemed honourable guests.
  • Within the program, all participants will be expected to create a short article focusing on media information & literacy examples which will then be published as a final collection on multiple platforms across Europe.
  • Gain valuable and practical new skills, knowledge and experiences in media literacy that will serve as a solid foundation for your future entrepreneurial, advocacy or educational endeavours.
  • Have a fruitful working and immersive experience in the beautiful city of Belgrade and in Serbian culture.
  • Have a unique opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people from across the globe, sharing your experiences, thoughts, cultures, learning experiences.
  • Network with renowned professionals in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, non-profit work, journalism, and psychology.
  • Take part in a fantastic cultural exchange program which includes an excursion to see some of Belgrade’s most memorable attractions and explore Serbian culture with locals.
  • Join each other in celebration at our welcome reception and farewell party.
  • All flights, accommodation, activities, and catering will be covered by Erasmus+ and Youth Time International Movement, so if you meet the criteria there really is no reason to not apply!



How The Event Is Gonna Look Like?


  • Our week-long event in the heart of Belgrade will bring together more than 50 like-minded individuals with the aim of educating and equipping participants to be critical and aware of content, sources, and purposes within media.
  • We will deliver this through masterclasses, hands on workshops, and speeches by various experts in the fields of journalism, media, political science, international relations, and psychology.
  • All activities will be geared towards educating and empowering the next generation to navigate this exponentially digitising world.
  • Participants will learn practical skills and information related back to media literacy that are applicable to anyone with an internet connection or social media account.
  • Throughout the week they will learn how to spot disinformation both on social media and in the news, debate the line between freedom of speech and regulation, and learn why fake news and rumours spread faster than facts.
  • All of this and more with the overall goal of improving knowledge and awareness within MIL to then educate and inspire others.

Follow the link to apply.

Youth Time International Movement has launched the series of webinars which can be viewed here.

Photo: Designed by Frank Spindelaar 


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