March in the Garden

Now that spring is just a week or two away it’s time to continue preparing your garden for the upcoming season. Here are the things to do this month.

The seeds you planted last month have grown into seedlings. Use a mix of fertilizer and soil, choose the seedlings that look strong and replant them for a good harvest of tomatoes, eggplants, chilli, flower, and all those seeds you planted last month. / Photo: Martina Advaney
Plant your onions …
….and potatoes now.
Mow your lawn just that once, this month.
Get rid of those early arriving weeds and mulch the areas. It’ll save you greater trouble later.
Once the temperature reaches a steady 8 degrees C and above begin fertilizing your rose bushes.
Plant the bulbs of the flowers
General maintanance of your garden is recommended after the winter

Photos: Shutterstock, Martina Advaney




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