Love Cats? Dream About Cafe Startup? Check the Idea That Will Work

The first cat café in Europe, “Café Neko”, opened a few years ago in charming street of Blumenstockgasse 5 in the heart of old Vienna. Idea of the owner was […]

The first cat café in Europe, “Café Neko”, opened a few years ago in charming street of Blumenstockgasse 5 in the heart of old Vienna. Idea of the owner was to take cats from a shelter and provide them a new home-in a café! The place became so renowned that is hard to find a table, especially on weekends. Five needy cats will play with you all day long, or just make you a company while purring at the table. When the cats are tired, they can simply go to their little room, where visitors are not allowed to go.

After Vienna, the concept spread to other European cities. Now you can enjoy in tasty meals and cuddle with Pelle and Caruso in “Pee Pees Katzencafé” in Thomasstr. 53 , Berlin. When you come to this cafe, you will have an impression that you are visiting a cats’ house, since all the furniture and decoration is dedicated to two playful tomcats. They will welcome you with meowing and jumping into your bag, or coming to your lap so you can pet them.

In some countries, like Serbia, where street-cats are a usual thing, situation is a bit different. Many restaurants and coffee shops have their own cat or dog, which came from the street and won the hearts of customers, so the owners decided to keep them. For example, in cafe-bookstore “Meduza”, which is famous for being pet-friendly, customers signed a petition that asked owners to adopt a cat which was usually spending time in Café’s garden. It seems that in Belgrade coffee, books and cats fit good together, so in street Cara Lazara 10 opened “Apropo”, tea&coffee house and bookstore, where visitors can meet two wise and friendly cats.

Cat cafés also opened in Budapest (“Cat cafe”, Révay utca 3.), Helsinki (“Cat rescue cafe”, Kaivokatu 8, 3.krs Makkaratalo), London (“Lady Dinah’s”, Shoreditch in East London). This cafés turned into a great success since many cat-lovers do not have space or time for having pets in their own flat. It is also proved that cats have a good influence on stress, so it is a good to choose this place for a coffee or tea. On the other hand, it is not easy to open one cat café, because of many food-safety regulations, as well as voices against misuse of animas for getting the customers. Despite all these problems, cat-cafés are becoming more frequent, and from Japan and Europe they are going further. The first cat-cafés opened this year in Canada, USA, Australia. While we are being excited about opening of new cat-cafés, people in Istanbul, Cairo or Nicosia, for instance, have this cute fury animals all over the town.




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