Dive Into the World of Programming: Java

You might not think that programming is an art, but programming is a very creative profession which takes you deep into the beauty of logic-based creativity.

Probably everyone has ever imagined him or herself making an application for a smartphone operating system, but they could not make a distinct between languages, their multiple choices and usages. More and more people are focusing in developing applications for Android and the language being used for them which is Java. It is used from toasters to the big data centers on which our pictures might be right now.

JAVA is a multi-purpose programming language. It is object-oriented, class-based and a competing programming language with others in the market. JAVA is an old language which was indented to be the one which will program the system independent applets for desktop systems. Most recently Java has become crucial in technologies like web services, system applications and especially in the Android platform. Java language has its first origin at the company of sun microsystems. James Gosling who was the first developer of this language was not really trying to develop a language like this. He was trying to develop a code in the C++ language which we will be covering in the next articles, and while he was researching for a code without recompiling it. He came up with this one. Exactly in1995 was released the first development kit.

While you were reading this, I know you were considering what are the main reasons to learn a language like this one? Firstly I wanted to flash out some of the historical past and make you think what road you could be building for this language in the future.

The main reason why you should consider learning this language is because, Java runs over three billion devices in this world. Don’t you think that is a great number, as long as according to data from the digital analysts of GSM intelligence there are more than 7.19 billion device in the world and more than 3 billion run JAVA. Also we must not forget that for the first time there are more devices than people in this world. Another reason is that this language has a rich API abbreviation for “Application interface” it can easily connect with networking, databases; you have to consider almost everything. For this you also have a big supporting community around the world in code social networks like Github and question other programmers on Stack Over Flow . The most important one is that it is free.

Google a worldwide famous corporation has chosen this language as their key in the creation of the Android system. Eventhough some more files of Kernel are written in C. Google still uses java as main programming language for Android development kit. So you should consider learning it before downloading the development kit. Until now you have played tons of games, but I am sure after you learn this. You will be the one to start building the future of games and the Android.

Top Employers and payment

We have mentioned many times that programming does not require to be employed from someone as long as you have a home. You will be paid higher no taxes through fiscal bills and no salary cuts. However in raking made by Forbes you can see some of the companies which pay the highest for the interns.

Average salary of this language

The job trends


Learning Java

You can learn this programming in different ways either from books or from online web pages. The web pages that I would recommend are : Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners – a 17 hours course to reveal elementary skills you are required to know. It will teach you starting things from scratch. Here is another simple web page learn Java online in which you can run your code on-demand from the web, and books that are recommended are found in this link. Not only tutorials for beginners but also challenges and life applications. See also 10 free Java programing books to download

Keep in touch with us we will be walking you through the IOS development most used programming language in which you might be interested in.


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