Kate Winslet Shines In Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown, starring Kate Winslet, has taken HBO by storm in the States - here we profile the new TV series.

On 16th April HBO released a new crime series, Mare of Easttown, with Kate Winslet in the main role. Her character, a woman with a profound life experience, works in a police investigative department, and faces work cases with life obstacles. 

Series events discover the small town in a depressed state – the teenage girl was found murdered under a bridge in a forest. 

She had a small son, whose father, also a teenager, refused to keep responsibility for his discipline. But once the murder occurred under uncertain circumstances, Kate Winslet’s character, Mare takes a lead in the investigation. 

With the plot developing we meet provocative facts of the murdered girl’s life, which creates a halo of intriguing riddles that Mare has to solve. 

The initial idea of the plot is pretty trivial for the detective and thriller, nothing innovative. HBO released two episodes to the mass and, yeah, it’s early to make predictions. 

But from the first glance, it spread a grounded mood, as the series with a famous star in a cast. 

Gradually, they open new facts of the plot that could bring the series to success rates. 

Which storylines in Mare of Easttown could affect the series positively? 


Detective Routine

The contemporary film world is overweight with the series of the crime genre, thrillers, and murders. To innovate the prominent plot is getting difficult. 

Up in my mind, it’s not better to bet the detective routine on the way that leads to the tops. I guess the producers get it to the line of Mare’s family and her relationships. 

In details, the second series disclosed the new page of the fact close to the base for a complicated crime story. 

But who knows would it be the winner in a final? We only could wait for creators that the plot will be different from the others existing crime stories. 


Family Bonds 

If I were a screenplay writer or even more director of the series, I put the main target on a drama. 

Moreover, having in the main cast the queen of profound character. Kate Winslet appeared in the unusual role of women – detective, tempered by life conditions. 

She’s confident, like an iron lady, but with a hidden tragedy inside. Her son committed suicide, left a small son, Drew, to Mare and her younger daughter. 

Drew inherits the neurotic behaviours from his father, and Mare has to go back to the bitter memories to prevent the possibility of her grandson’s disease. 

She secretes the fact of suicide, and well, the tragedy covers an impressive part of the plot. 

Another reason to increase the family bond above the other storylines – connect the detective routine with mother-daughter relationships. 

shutterstock 212688535
Starring Role: Kate Winslet leads the cast in Mare of Easttown

In the second episode Mare consider her daughter was in the murder place that night. The footage from the smartphone proved she was there. 

Mare forced to interrogate her daughter, being at the edge of parenthood and a police officer. 


Love of Mare

Guy Pearce starred Mare’s lover, a novelist Richard Ryan. 

From the very first episode, with the ordinary beginning in the bar, this relationship promises a curve rising in advance. Richard and Mare already have a close night, but separate mornings. 

When Mare just skipped the phase of emotional connection, prefer to leave him over the physical contact.

Richard is a particular partner for Mare, as well as Guy to Kate. Erenow, they already worked together in the remake series Mildred Pierce. 

Here, Guy was a toxic lover of Kate’s character, who only spent her time and sources, cheating all the time. 

The plot of this series tells the story of abandoned wife Mildred Pierce (Kate Winslet), who starts from scratch in the restaurant business. 

Monty Beragon (Guy Pearce), the well-known American polo player, went bankrupt and found in Mildred’s ambitions his perspectives. 

I advise you to watch this series, as it is full of the ambience of post-war America, with its social issues, love and fatal mistakes. 

With the tender women, who have to be strong, on the front. On the contrary, this is also the fascinating story of one kitchen hobby that turns into a huge deal.

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