January in the Garden

In a series of articles during these months, we shall introduce you to tips about what is to be done during that particular month in your garden. Even Though winter is still at its peak in the Northern Hemisphere, there are still some things that are needed for your garden.

January is specifically good month to do those things that you didn´t manage during autumn.

1. The shaping of the grown bushes and trees can be done when the temperatures hold around 0°C. This will allow your plants to be ready to bloom during the upcoming spring.

Shaping of the bushes and trees

2. It’s time to start planning flowers and vegetables and shop for the seeds.

Make your own selection of the seeds for the upcoming season

3. Start planting seeds at home or in a heated green house with decorative annuals that take some time to grow – petunia, lobelia, or perinials like begonia.

4. There is still time to disinfect (even though the best time is in autumn) and fertilize the soil if the temperatures are high enough and the soil is not frozen. Use Nitrolime. Nitrolime works as a disinfection if used in a quantity of 100 g per 1m2 or as a fertilizer if used in a quantity of 50g per 1m2. The soil must be moist. Water if necessary so that the reaction starts. There should not be any planting done 2 – 4 weeks after this otherwise the new plants would be destroyed. Nitrolime generally helps reduce weeds and also kills certain pests such as eggs of garden snails. It not only works for root vegetables but also others. The pH of the soil should not be above 7 for this procedure.

Nitrolime helps reducing pests like snails

5. Slowly also plan the purchase of the grown bushes, plants and trees that are to be ordered in a month or two.

6. If the weather allows you can also prepare the beds by ploughing them.

Prepared vegetable patch

7. Don´t forget to feed birds.

Bird feeder

Photos: Martina Advaney

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