Israel Seeks New International Students

In this week’s news we speak about nationwide pay strike in Croatia, proposed female student dress code that caused anger in Zimbabwe and Israel’s attempt to increase the number of international students.

Nationwide pay strike in Croatia

Reuters reports that university staff in Croatia decided to join nationwide pay strike organized by primary and secondary school teachers.

These teachers believe that their salaries lag other public sector roles and therefore, they are demanding a wage increase of around 6 percent.

Vilim Ribić from the Independent Science and High Education Union said: “We want to show solidarity with our colleagues in primary and secondary schools and … fight for some underpaid categories of our staff.”

The government is currently preparing a budget plan for 2020, but the union leaders are dissatisfied because this misses their target.

Proposed female student dress code caused anger

Face2Face Africa reports that the latest proposal to universities to impose dress code for female students faced enormous backlash from the public.

The Zimbabwe Gender Commission’s legal and investigative manager Ms. Delis Mazambani said:

“During the weekend, the students can then wear whatever they want, but when attending lectures, they need to be guided on how to dress and this makes it easier for lecturers to pinpoint that according to the university’s policy you are not dressed appropriately.”

The proposal was made in order to combat a large number of rape cases in the country.

However, the proposal caused anger. SAYWHAT, a non-governmental organization, stated:

“Having a dress code cannot be a sustainable way of addressing the issue, what needs to be changed are the attitudes of the perpetrators, transformation of gender norm is needed in which men can respect women and their rights irrespective of what they are wearing.”

Israel seeks new international students

Times of Israel reports that Israeli Council for Higher Education launched an initiative that seeks to double the number of international students at Israeli universities.

Currently, there are around 12,000 international students in the country.

‘’Study in Israel’’ program will primarily focus on attracting students from North America, India and China. Professor Yaffa Zilbershats of the Council for Higher Education said:

“We have committed to making Israel a brain gain country for excellent students and researchers from around the world – North and South America, Europe, and Asia.”

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