Inspiring Leaders in the Movies – What to Learn from Films

What makes a leader become a leader? This topic is very popular nowadays and fills many pages of books and websites. It is a difficult subject to address with words, however, so we offer something even better – leadership in the movies. After all, what is better than watching a real leader in action?  Sit back this weekend and watch these inspiring leaders whose stories have made it into the movies.

Meet Inspiring Leaders in the Movies

Who are inspiring leaders in the movies? What are they doing and how are they behaving? Do we know them? The answer is YES. Most of those leaders you know. Take a look and see have you been right.

Dead Poets Society 

They say teaching is not a job, but a calling. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always affirm the natural respect and colleagueship that should exist between teachers and their students, but rather a lot of ego.

This, though, is not the case with John Keating (Robin Williams), who teaches an English literature class at an academy in Vermont.  The question is, will his fresh approach to gaining knowledge be accepted in a school committed to obsolete ways of teaching?


A film based on a true story set in the ’80s in the UK, when Mark Ashton takes a leading position with  LGSM (Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners), a group established to give financial support to the families of miners during the miners‘ strikes.

Despite initial suspicions and worries from miners who don’t want to be seen as sympathising with the gay community, these two unlike groups create one unusual friendship.

Hidden Figures 

The movie Hidden Figures tells the forgotten story of three great women – Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson – mathemeticians working for NASA, at the same time giving a tribute to all the brave and smart women who have achieved a lot in spite of gender or race discrimination.

Made in Dagenham 

And one more film about one average working class woman – Rita O’Grady – and her 187 female colleagues. who work at the Ford Motor Co. plant in Dagenham, in 1968.

Despite doing specialized jobs, these women are underpaid and are categorised as unskilled labour. One day the notional cup of patience overflows and Rita leads her crowd to strike for higher salaries and the end of discrimination against women.

A historical event in a comedy format in which Sally Hawkins excels in the lead role.

Photo: IMDB

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