7 Most Innovative Startups in Palestine

Palestinians aren't strangers to struggle, it is matter of their everyday lives.They also love and live for challenges, they are very often determined to reach their goals. And this is what convinces us that they have the entrepreneurial sense sticked on their DNA.

Iris Interactive Solutions is an entrepreneurial Palestinian company established in 2010. Iris specializes in the innovative technology of interactivity, which allows users to interact with digital artifacts in ergonomic and personalized manner using hands and body, creating a completely new and unique user experience.


Indiepush is a platform where independent artists efficiently market direct-to-fan in a content sharing based platform, and fans market to family and friends and get rewarded for experiencing music interactively. Through Indiepush, fans have the opportunity of being rewarded for sharing their favourite artists music, thus showing support for the artists while benefiting themselves. This is done through a pointing system based in the Indiepush platform, where fans are able to purchase music using the points they gain by sharing music.

The Krazy Goat

Krazy Goat App Analytics is an intuitive tool that allows users to monitor downloads of desired applications, calculate their earnings, read their user reviews and ratings and view their rankings across app stores of different countries.
PinchPoint Inc. is a game developer start-up, based in Ramallah, whose recent release includes “Spermania”, a fun, addictive game in which players race to fertilize an egg, and “Egghead Runaway”, a fast-paced endless-runner game. 
‘Swipt Loyalty Rewards’ will help better your experience with customers, and keep them coming back. This start-up is committed to help their clients retain customers, drive incremental profits, and create stronger engagement between customers and the company brand. Their approach not only ensures these companies to reach customers but also build long lasting relationships that benefit both sides, whether they are thinking of building, launching or just adding to an existing loyalty plan.
As a start-up they identified the problem an effective address system in Palestine, so they decided to find a solution for this problem, their idea was to facilitate the online shopping process for customers by providing them with collection points to receive packages on their behalf for added convenience. They also provide package tracking abilities to shoppers to enhance the online shopping experience.
Sen Lab is working to create a learning environment with modern electronic manners that stimulates various educational activities to increase the level of education in the Arab world and to enable learners to stay connected to the world of knowledge.
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