Out of Screen to Reality: Story Of Ingress Game And Its Players

There are so many games for smart phones, but most of them do not require any kind physical activity. Google launched an app called Ingress that changes the understanding of interactive gaming and brings people out of screen to reality. Youth Time met with two players of the game Vladimir Stankovic and Miroslav Markovic to find out more.

Lets start with what Ingress is. It is an app for smart phones available for both android and iOS. It turns various real locations in portals you need to conquer. Most of the times those locations are churches, museums and monuments and you must be close to them if you want to conquer it. Also, you have a possibility to send request if you want to make some location into portal.

The game is made as a science fiction and there are two teams – green ones and blue ones. Green ones are Enlightened and they want to help a group of aliens to conquer planet because they believe they will bring enlightenment to the world. Blue ones are Resistance and they are fight against it. According to that, portals are in green and blue color, depending on who owns it. Also it can be grey if nobody conquers that location yet.

Also, the game has sociable character; you can communicate with people from all over the world – with everyone who play the game. You can share your experiences, tactics or getting information where you can find some contents. This community is growing day by day.

We met with two players of the game in Serbia Vladimir Stankovic and Miroslav Markovic. Unfortunately they didn’t like the idea of making photos of them. So all illustrations in this articles are taken from the open resources. 

Vladimir Stankovic study law in Serbia and plays Ingress for one year. He sometimes start thinking how he became so into this game but he says that he can’t imagine his life without it. “Maybe it sounds stupid, but with this game I started to realize and learn things around me, for example, buildings and streets or where which church or museum is. And, what is really important, I met so much great people while I was chatting with players, and with some of them I started to cooperate professionally”, – says Vladimir.

On the other side, experience from Miroslav Markovic is also interesting but in different way. Miroslav had problems with his weight for years and he lost 10 pounds while he was playing this game. “To be honest, I am quite lazy and I never tried some real activity; or be on real diet. I was always a little bit thicker and I hated that, so, when I started to play this game i noticed that I walked or ride a bike for about 10km every day. Pounds disappeared”, – explains Miroslav.

Vladimir and Miroslav showed that this game can be interesting in many ways, especially because this game makes people to walk and explore their cities, and it is a fact that most of the people who play this game have better orientation. If player wants to be in interaction with any portal he must be around 40 meters. While you are playing this game you have a map with black background with no names and you can see a few hundred meters around you.  When one team conquer portal, it is protected with resonators. But, if you want to make stronger your protection, you can connect more portals via special keys. When you connect 3 portals there will be special control field.

Find our more on the website of the game.

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