India Leads the World in the Number of Science and Tech Students

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent developments and occurrences in youth-related news and events. In this week's Friday news we speak about India being the world's leading nation in terms of science and tech graduates, potential decrease in the number of international students in the Netherlands and Malaysian university staff's call for more autonomy from politicians.

India leads the world in the number of science and tech students

According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), India leads the world in the number of students who get their BA degrees in technology, science, maths (STEM) subjects and engineering. UNCTAD’s Technology and Innovation Report 2018 shows that out of 5 million students who received their BA degrees in 2012 in STEM subject worldwide, almost 30 per cent were from India. This country is followed by China with 26 per cent and the EU with 9.5 per cent. In 2016/2017, around 10.7 million Indian students were studying science, engineering or computer science. 

Number of international students in the Netherlands will be decreased

13 Dutch universities intend to present a plan to the education minister that includes reduction of international students in the country. Universities in the Netherlands are mostly funded according to the number of students. However, university budget has not been increased over the past few years and the student population is increasingly rising. Studying in this country is especially attractive for students coming from other EU countries and the USA.

University staff calls for more autonomy from politicians

Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Association of Academic and Administrative Staff (PKAPUSM) asked for public universities to be free from laws that restrict the freedom of discussion and to have more autonomy from politicians. PKAPUSM also called from changes in appointment of university’s top management that should come from  university and not from the education minister. PKAPUSM president Dr P. Sundramoorthy also added: “We are answerable to our field of knowledge and not politicians. In public institution of higher education, the academics should manage academia and not be instructed by politicians.”

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