IASS Fellow Program in Germany

Experts in science, public administration, the private sector, civil society, media or the arts are invited to take part in a fully funded fellowship in Germany. Placements last between 3-12 months and provide resources to cover travel expenses, financial compensation publication fees, and production costs. The deadline is on 23 August 2020.

The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) is an international, inter- and transdisciplinary research institute located in Potsdam, Germany. It is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal State of Brandenburg. Each year, up to 30 individuals from around the world participate in the institute’s Fellow Programme and work with each other and with IASS researchers.

Applications should be focused on one of the following areas: democratic transformations, governance for the environment and society, energy systems and societal change, or forums: science, policy and society. Fellowships are open to individuals at all career stages and may be combined with sabbaticals. Applicants can come from a wide range of sectors such as science, public administration, the private sector, civil society, media or the arts. Fellows will receive financial compensation to cover their additional costs of living during their stay in Germany. On request, the IASS can also provide limited resources to cover travel expenses, publication fees, support for organising workshops, production costs for artistic work, etc. The minimum duration of fellowships is three months, and the maximum duration is twelve months.

The deadline is on 23 August 2020.


Main criteria

Candidates should submit a letter of motivation, a CV of up to three pages, a list of projects and publications as well as a proposal outlining your planned activities. The proposal should be no longer than five pages (excluding bibliographic references) and should be structured as follows:

  • Title of your project
  • Project Outline (max. 300 words)
  • Specification of which of the six research areas your activities are most closely linked to
  • Description of activities
  • Details of how these activities will contribute to the work of the IASS
  • Resource needs (e.g. special infrastructure, travel costs, costs for workshops, etc.)
  • Timeline (intended start and end of Fellowship)

Find out more about IASS Fellow Program.

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