How to Properly Take a Mental Health Day

Sometimes taking a day off is the most rewarding decision we can make for ourselves. But how do we spend it qualitatively, in ways that can nourish our body and soul? Here are a few suggestions.

Being a workaholic can take a toll out of us. We end up overwhelmed, and sometimes we can’t even begin to think what we like, what is good for us, and what would we like to do without the pressure of completing certain work or career activities. Sadly, we are living in societies that have normalized and have glorified the idea of being busy all the time. The ‘busy’ status is severely harming our mental health, and that is why we should be willing enough to separate ourselves from the ‘busy’ crowd and find some space of our own to manifest ourselves. 

Whenever you feel like you are not being able to function, whether professionally or socially, just listen to your body, listen to your mind, and take a mental health day. I can promise that it will help you on the long and short run, to refocus your thoughts and energy.

All of us have distinct rituals which we perform, to help us feel at ease. Certainly, you can tailor your mental health day to your own needs, however, I’ll briefly share with you some things I like to do during these blissful days.

  1. Clean your apartment

I’d like to say that I am a careless person who doesn’t really focus on the mess within the house, but rather focuses on other creative stuff. They say the most creative people are messy, but I’d have to disagree. Personally, I cannot put my mind at ease, without first cleaning the entire house and letting some air within the apartment. I open all windows, I put all blankets outside for a little bit, and I fill the room with fresh air. Surprisingly, cleaning my house sometimes feels like I am cleaning my mind as well, from negative thoughts!


  1. Water the plants

The busy week often does not allow me to be the crazy plant lady that I am. I have a lot of responsibilities, as I have a collection of different plants which rely on me for a living. That is why during my mental health day, I try to give them enough attention by watering them, changing their places for a little bit, putting them outside for more air or light. Seeing them grow and bloom is dopamine to my brain.


  1. Eat and drink healthily

If you’ve decided to have a day for your very own self, it is important that you nourish your body with healthy foods and drinks as well. I usually like to take my time and cook, as cooking also is highly distracting and it can make you get lost in the activity. Healthy drinks are just as important, that is why I try to stay away from caffeine at least for that day, and have homemade tea for myself. Giving your body what it needs is a very underestimated ritual. It works like magic for my well-being.


  1. Walk the dog

Same as with plants, the week does not allow me to give as much attention as I would want to my dog. That is why whenever I have a day off, I try to take her on long walks, especially now that autumn is here, and she LOVES to jump above dried leaves so that she can hear them crack through the ground. Her joy, and autumn leaves, are my reward for that day.


  1. Take a long bath

Water can literally wash away pain, tiredness, and psychological burn out, if we believe it. When the night comes, and I have finished doing all of the above, I take a well-deserved long bath, which sheds away some weight off my shoulders and can make me feel much more relaxed, so to enjoy the rituals that come during the night time.


  1. Light candles and fill your room with scents

Saying that I am obsessed with scents and candles can really sound like an understatement. I am seriously hooked in the shapes, colors, and feelings one can get when buying and lighting up different candles. They add such a coziness to the entire room, especially if they’re made off vanilla or coffee scents. You do not necessarily need to be a freak like me! Lighting up a single candle, can add the same amount of coziness, especially If accompanied by good music in the background (Hint: I prefer soul playlists during mental health days).


  1. Read

I find it very important to read during the days when I’m trying to refocus my thoughts and get back to myself. Currently, I am reading a lot on acceptance of our bodies, on how to nourish them, cherish them for all of their functions, and how to be more grateful for how they take us throughout the world and give us the most sublime feelings. Aim for at least 25 to 30 pages, and if possible, read something that informs your well-being.


  1. Apply some skincare

As we’re reaching towards the end of my mental health day (and night) routine, of course we can’t leave out skin-care routines. Whether you’re a woman or a man, just moisturizing your face , putting on any bought or home-made mask, contributes to the list of things you have done for yourself that day. 


  1. Meditation

This for me is the cherry on top of the cake. Closing the night with meditation, helps you relax, reflect on how good the day made you feel, and it helps you identify aspects on which you need to focus on yourself. There are countless guided meditations that can ‘take you there’ however, I prefer complete silence more often. Sometimes the silence in the exterior does not necessarily mean silence in the interior of our minds, but that’s ok. We are trying, and our thoughts are always there. Just remember to filter them out a little bit, and focus on the good ones!


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