How to Integrate Technology in the English Classrooms

Looking for ideas to entertain your lovely, yet, smart Gen-Z students? Check these options out.

Gone are the days when classrooms were teacher-centered, and during which you had to just go to your classes and listen to your teacher’s lecture for hours. Fun and inclusive activities were not of great importance back in the days, but as a teacher myself, I am happy to see how things have changed.

Technology has given us plenty of opportunities to engage young students in diverse activities through which you can certainly learn and have plenty of fun at the same time. Some people thought these two verbs: learning and entertaining could never be used in the same sentence. Well, we are happy to prove these folks wrong!

Here are a few ways I have been integrating technology in my classroom, hoping they can be of use to your teaching methodologies as well.



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Kahoot is indeed an awesome way to engage your students in the classroom both physically, and wholeheartedly. They will literally jump out of their desks to be the first ones answering the questions of the quizzes that are created based on the books and curriculum that you use. The desire to win the competitions, and take badges, leads them to actually learn about a subject without even realizing it.


Helpful Games

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If you need something to train your student’s brain, Helpful Games might be your solution. These free educational games will help your students improve their language easily, gain knowledge and at the same time have fun. However, you can also use it for other subjects as well. It is quite resourceful and user-friendly for youngsters and adults.


British Council Learn English

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The site of the British Council may sound like a serious deal, but it turns out that they have some great ways through which students can learn and practice the English language. There is literally something for everyone there with learning techniques tailored to students’ needs—games for young learners, teenagers, and adults. There you can enhance your students’ listening skills, writing, and comprehension and you can manage to teach general English in a very easy, fun, and interactive way.


Use Online Comics

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Another fun way, similar to using games, is online comics. Not only do they have a positive impact on students but they will also increase the level of motivation to get more creative while supporting the students to share their unique and diverse opinions on the matter they decide to write about. Most of the time, comics are funny, and using them as tools to teach the English language will surely bring a joyful and cheerful atmosphere to the classroom.


Sparking curiosity and interest, with just enough doses of motivation are some of the most crucial elements of effective language teaching. These components can be achieved and enhanced along the way by bringing energy into the classrooms, through the lessons that are being taught. Integrating technology into our lessons, having movie nights, competitions, and karaoke nights will definitely make students perceive you as ‘the cool teacher’ (talking from experience). Trust me when I say that balancing the learning process with innovative techniques, games, and technology will have your students be way more productive, active and friendly towards you, given that you’re the fun teacher who tries to adapt to their needs!


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