How to Find “Me Time” When You Become a Mother

Finding some “Me time” seems impossible when you become a mother in the beginning. You might find it very difficult to embrace all the feelings and the blues that come with it.

We all find it difficult to accept the new beginning even if we are overwhelmed with the joy of having the baby we have been expecting for nine months. Seeing that tiny little face is a blissful feeling because there is no word to describe the joy of a woman who becomes a mother.

A childbirth experience is a significant event of great psychological importance in a woman’s life. It is said that the experience of childbirth forever shapes woman’s thoughts of themselves. After giving birth you will struggle with other things, that are not necessarily less painful. But this is not the end rather the beginning of new stages. Even if you are emotionally, physically, psychologically, and financially well-balanced you’ll face many ups and down in this long journey.

Finding “Me Time” Seems Impossible 

You could feel a whole range of emotions, from complete exhaustion to total elation. If this is your first baby, it may even feel a little strange to be home. You may have a sensation that life has changed forever.

There will be times when you may feel exhausted from all the duties that come with being a new mother Also you may feel ashamed to ask a family member or your partner to help you. But don’t be! Your baby needs a mother who is also happy and satisfied with herself. After all, they’d rather have a well-balanced happy mom, than a mom who ‘gets things done’ and is always stressed and frazzled. It will be reflected later on everything, even how your baby will see you in the future.

You are everything for your baby, you will teach them how to eat, you will be there when they take their first step, you are the only person who understands them when they’re smiling and feeling sad. So you don’t have to find yourself struggling to do something for yourself when it’s possible. I’m not saying let your baby cry and leave them unattended, but asking, for example, your partner, your mom, your in-laws, or a friend you trust to help while you have some “me time” would be so helpful, and also would help you charge your batteries.


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How to Make Time for Yourself as a Parent

As demanding as the life of a mom can be, according to the Australian Psychological Society, finding time for yourself is still crucial, not only for your well-being but for that of your family.

We know making time for yourself is easier said than done when you have a new baby, but finding a little “me time” in the middle of the hustle of new motherhood can feel like a breath of fresh air.


Things that Will Help You Have Some “Me Time”

Rely on your partner. You can start small. 30 minutes in the evening when your partner is home to watch the baby as your free time. You can work on adding time later, for now just aim to put that down on paper. It can be helpful to set a designated schedule with your partner so you are guaranteed that time. Maybe every Wednesday evening you can take a bath for half an hour. Every Saturday morning you take an hour to go to your favorite workout class or go shopping for groceries.

Use nap time wisely. Many moms use the time when their babies are sleeping to catch up on their household chores. But if you wait until you’re done with all your chores you hardly get time to relax. Instead, use this nap time to do something you enjoy a little bit.

 Create a Mom team. If you have friends or neighbors with kids around your age, try teaming up with these other mothers to share responsibility for caring for your little one. You might schedule playdates or outings with the mom team.

 Adjust your sleep schedule. If your baby is already a pretty regular sleeper, make sure your own sleep schedule is slightly different. Whether you get up before the baby or stay later, this is the perfect time to reserve for yourself. Have a late-night movie date with your partner, go for an early morning walk, or just take a long hot shower.


Becoming a new mother is a challenge itself, take your time to recover and later on to find some “me time” in between. It’s one of the best things you can do for your mental, emotional and physical health.


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