How to Christmas Decorate while under a Budget

During the holidays it can be difficult to drop everything, and spend money on tons of gifts and decorations. Here's how to decorate cheaply.

  • When you can’t afford a whole Christmas tree, pluck a few Pine branches only

We did not buy a Christmas tree at all this year, as much as we were very tempted to do so. What we did instead is that we went outside and plucked a few branches of Pine trees we have in our yard, and we left them in different corners of our offices. We mixed them up with a few red balls and bells we had from previous years. The combo was absolutely beautiful!

  • Books Christmas Tree

I know this is quite an old trick, however, it never fails, right? You’re combining your most favorite activity with your most favorite holiday. Im sure you all have a few books laying around your house (hopefully, otherwise I would be disappointed) which you can use to form a triangle. After that, simply had a few bulb Christmas lights upon them – and you’ll have yourself a pretty little Book worm Christmas tree.

  • Paper Christmas Decorations

The things you can do with a printer! Back in the old days, my mother would use plain paper to cut it into different shapes and we would color the paper in order to then hang the shapes into different corners of the house. Nowadays, you can print all sorts of shapes, colors, and designs. It’s enough that you have a pair of scissors with you, and you can experiment with all sorts of paper decorations that can then be pointed, and hanged in your wall. 

  • Knitted socks at the fireplace

What is that one material that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy whenever winter is around the corner? Of course its wool. And what better than knitted hand-made socks hanging at our fireplace, adding so much good vibes to the atmosphere, and making the room feel warmer than it already is. They can be design with or design less, they’ll still manage to do their part as a great Christmas addition.

  • Make your own gift wraps

Again, you can come up with so many different wrapping ideas just by using plain colored paper. If you have drawing skills, personalizing the gift wrap could be an even better idea, as it would make the receiver feel more appreciated, considering you put more effort on the design. Use clips, hair strings, and rope to add up to the wrapping, and you’ll end up with the most creative gift wraps you can get – all DIY!

  • Bake for a better Christmas scent

This has been a long time trick of people who want to pull off a cozy atmosphere in their homes. Baking is the magic for this – and this magic works wonderfully combined with cookies. The smell of home-made cookies will give everyone that warm fuzzy holiday feeling.

  • Candles, candles, candles

There’s just something about the classic and beautiful vibes that candles give to all sorts of celebrities. Birthdays, Dates, Christmas or Hanukkah – just light up a few candles, and you’ll warm up the room. If you want to combine them to the Christmas spirit, try using red and gold candles, so to match with the other items used for decorating. Last, but not least – don’t forget to add up the touch of Christmas music in the background. Sublime!


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