Biopic Drama ‘Dark Waters’: How One Character Withstands the World?

Six groups of fatal diseases, including cancer and thyroid pathologies, are not the curse of nature. It's pretty much followed human actions, as a result of manufacturing hazardous wastes. In 2016 The New York Times published a groundbreaking article `The Lawyer who became DuPont's Worst Nightmare`. Rob Bilott, who in 1998 changed a chemical industry's defense oppositely to prosecution, spoke out against titanic corporation plants. This year Mark Ruffalo has produced a movie, historical drama `Dark Waters`. A two-hour-long movie covers decades of judgments and fights, not political, but environment battle.

Cast and Crew of Biopic Drama `Dark Waters`

What is Biopic Drama `Dark Waters` about? Mark Ruffalo, who performed Rob Bilott, was followed attorney behave, as well as Rob walked, stood. He was willing to show his character full in detail. And mentioned that acting the role of the national hero is much more important, it was manifest that we couldn`t neglect the problem.

Rob`s wife played Anne Hathaway, who made a huge step to show on-screen family as in Rob`s real life. Anne was talking to him so many times, just transformers relationship and create the illusion of closeness between her and Mark.



Mark Ruffalo acted as a protagonist Robert Bilott, who understood his job deeply up to the court and through the footage of dead cuttle, fish, and `black` poisoned livestock teeth. However, before we back to the plot, let’s look in detail on the case of how it all began.

Wilbur Tennant, a farmer owner in Parkersburg, West Virginia, alarmed the local authorities in order to let the light why his cows had been dying uncannily, fast and sudden.

After the autopsy, he discovered extensive metastasis, tumors, and accelerating internal organs. Claimed it never happened before the plants of DuPont corporation started to dispose of territory to landfill the hazardous wastes.

It was striking that many cows had black teeth, poisoned with chemicals, and deep-placed eyes. Vicinity changed with manufacture bought a territory nearby Tennant family farm.

Mark Ruffalo and Bill Camp in the film Dark Waters
Mark Ruffalo and Bill Camp in the film Dark Waters

In turn, the local government refused to apply farmer complaints, instead, the power of plants was forced him to find a separate independent attorney. But, who said `independent`?

Robert Bilott, a grandchild of Alma Holland White, who was also familiar with Tennant, dedicated his career defending the same structured, huge chemical corporation, such as 3M, DuPont.

When his granny remembers Rob as someone who could help Wilbur, it was not clear and what is more, irrational.

So, Bilott has rejected Tennant’s request at first and never thought he would become a significant environmental attorney for the next decades.


What Is the Plot?

Rob Bilott just got a corporate attorney post at Taft firm, one of the most powerful lawyer corporations and the oldest state, founded in 1885. One day Wilbur Tennant came to the office and asked Rob for help, as DuPont plant polluted the environment that caused the death of livestock.

A little time after, Rob drove to Parkersburg, come to see the victims of it. Tennant emphasizes the quantity of died – 199 cows for a short period of time.

Shocked and disappointed, Rob started to found out deeply any kind of support from his chief and particularly, seeking the truth in DuPont.

But later rejected being involved in investigations, as well as, confessed the guilt in a court. Since 1998 until now, Rob has been fighting for justice, he became an environmental attorney and human hero who reveals the truth of huge chemical corporations. Why?


What Was the Matter?

Teflon, nonstick pots and pans we used to know, contains a toxic acid PFOA, shortened to C8, is our usual disaster. Nowadays, DuPont is forced to cut 95% of sources, used in Teflon lining. However, the first time it was mentioned was military facilities, particularly tanks.

Surface, covered with modified PFOA was waterproof and resistant to many external causes. But DuPont wasn’t the first, who adopted PFOA. Another giant 3M added it as a basic element in producing and made a sequence to dispose of C8.

Changed initial formula and products became easy but more toxic. In manufacturing it gained high rates, in consumption, it widespread from facilities to personal applications.

DuPont took off among others in the market, but in 2013 it was a leader in the rates of companies with the biggest toxic waste, polluted environment.

Workers occupied in DuPont struggled with respiratory diseases. Women got a doze of dangerous wastes, which affect them in the future. For instance, Bucky Bailey’s mother worked in DuPont she like was pregnant.

Bucky was born with facial deformation: just one nostril as well as a “serrated eyelid” on the right eye. His mother didn’t know she was exposed to dangerous substances. Live examples of people’s stories proofed the necessity to keep attention on what chemicals do we use every day.

Mark Ruffalo in the film Dark Waters
Mark Ruffalo in the film Dark Waters


What Rob Bilott Did to Reveal Toxic Poisoning?

C8 collected in human bodies affected the most delicate inner parts: lungs, testicles, thyroid, heart and reliable organs. Six groups of deadly diseases, also cancer and thyroid pathologies among them.

Together with local health organizations, Rob launched a program, whereas people donated blood and received the money. He got more than 70 000 samples, which took almost seven years to survey, but helped discover the current path of how PFOA got into the human body.

Drinking contaminated water, population endanger themselves to ill in the future. It was established that C8 does not excrete and most of all it collected inside the important parts. Billot could reveal the connection between water and C8.

He won $671 million for more than 3,500 plaintiffs.

People pretended they got a disease, particularly kidney cancer and testicular cancer, because of DuPont. Moreover, they claimed that the corporation concerned it was toxic and contaminate water supplies anyway. The court processes are still up to now.

The movie Biopic Drama `Dark Waters`’ combined partly the piece of The NYT article, non – fiction Robert Bilott`s book `Exposure: Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed, and One Lawyer’s Twenty-Year Battle against DuPont`, with the clear feeling that they made something really important. However, to speak out of human protection also means to meet as much resistance from the powerful side as much willing to respect justice.

P.S. Farmer Wilbur Tennant and his wife died of cancer. Rob Bilott has been fighting for support to all the victims who suffered from toxic C8. It took him already 20 years and who knows how long would it last.

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