How Art Helps People Get Through the Day

Sometimes when nothing else is holding us together, different forms of art are always there to remind us of our humanity.

There is an undeniable connection between the way we consume art and our mental health. For a lot of people, art is what has gotten them through some of the most difficult times in their lives.


Art Is More than Just a Distraction

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Whether it’s the art of movies, music, painting, writing, or anything in between, there’s always a necessary escape of sorts that we get out of it. Most people can attest that they’ve found art even more important than ever since the pandemic hit. Being isolated at home for long periods of time without much human contact outside your house due to the threat of a pandemic is no fun. But, as Bo Burnham knows best, making or consuming art during that difficult period was such a welcomed distraction.

For some it was more than just a distraction though, it was a pathway to express their deepest feelings. Projecting your fears into a screen or book can be such a fascinating thing. This is something that only human beings are offered as conscious beings. Having the ability to go through whole journeys through the eyes of someone else even though you’re sitting comfortably on your couch is truly a blessing. Creators work hard for long periods to provide everyone with a new experience that even when theatres are closed and everyone has to stay home, we still all feel that effort through the screen or the page.


Creating an Expression

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A really good way to help your mental health is if you’re the one creating expressions through art just to have fun or maybe to say something important. Creativity requires imagination and putting some parts of your brain to work that perhaps aren’t always running in our daily lives. Not only does it help bring out the most creative parts of us when we’re drawing something beautiful, writing a poem, or filming a new scene from our new homemade movie, but it can also help with stress. That’s not to say that at times the pressure of getting something right won’t get to you, but as long as you’re having fun and doing what you love, it’ll be alright. Often it helps to visualize things in order for us to gain a new perspective on things. Such is the case with art. Heck, even to-do lists help so many people organize their daily outings, and that’s a form of art in and of itself.


Not Wasting Time

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Humanity has this shared fear of wasting our short time on Earth no matter what we’re doing. One of the biggest criticisms related to art is that it’s a waste of time and not meaningful in any real capacity. That’s obviously not true but whoever’s chosen to pursue an art degree would tell you that it’s not easy to convince anyone, especially the parents, that it’s worthwhile. But if there’s one thing you can rest assured of is that art is not a waste of time ever. Doing it can be magical and it’s no wonder it’s the most popular gateway for anyone trying to bring the best out of themselves. Plus, it’s important to always remember that more often than not, art imitates reality and if you want to see the current state of the world then look at what kind of art people are putting forward. Calling art not important or wasteful in any capacity is disrespectful to millions of people who thrive and survive merely on art.


Art is You

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It’s good to always recall that art is a self-reflection first of all. Whether it’s art made by you or art you’re consuming, it’ll always teach you something new about yourself if you’re paying attention. Seldom has anyone been able to fully declare themselves as vividly or with as much vulnerability as a person connecting to a large audience through the means of art. The condition of being is eased just enough when you remember that art is always there to help our mental states.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading for fun, painting because it’s a fun spring day, or watching a movie because it’s raining outside, art is always there to uplift. Your true colors come out only when you’re expressing yourself and nothing brings out those colors more than art.




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