Greece – a Hub of Philosophy and Science

Since time immemorial many a student has traveled to Greece to study philosophy and sciences. It’s a country where it is easy enough to find amicable people, actually almost chummy, who will welcome you to their country, their homes and most places you might go to. Once in a while you will be coached, whether you want it or not, in how almost everything originated in this ancient civilization, all done in such a nice way that you’ll in all likelihood enjoy it.

Let’s discover Greece together

Over recent years Greece has been doing all it can to attract international students. The students find it quite an inviting destination given that it is a country of 200 islands, relaxed people, astounding heritage sights, quite affordable. The university fees is in the vicinity of just 1,500 Euros per year at an average.

The Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Student’s life in Greece

Students find plenty of activities apart from studies, such as exploring the country which can take a lifetime, sunning themselves at the beaches, spending time among the affable people in cafes and restaurants or just chit-chatting within the groups they create.

As usual, we would suggest visiting the websites of each of the universities to identify the courses most suited to you.

List of Universities

University of Athens
Official website

Athens University of Economics and business
Official website

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Official website

University of Crete
Official website

University of Patras
Official website

University of Peloponnese
Official website

University of Macedonia
Official website

University of Aegean
Official website

The University of Piraeus
Official website

University of Thessaly
Official website

Cost of Living

The public transport system is fairly low cost. For moving around Athens their Metro is the most convenient. Most of the country is connected via the suburban railway, overground trains, trams, buses, and trolleybuses.

Students from the EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland do not require a work permit for part-time jobs. But unfortunately all other students do. Such work permits are issued without much wait now that the economic crises are behind us.

A budget of 600 to 750 Euros shall see you living fairly well in this country.

Find the best way to use your Summer and check out the best scholarship here.

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