Glitter, Rainbows, and Sunshine Take Human Form with Raveena!

The Queens, New York rhythm and blues songstress dives into the flowing nature of the birds and the trees. Through exploring sexuality, womanhood, and Indian heritage, Raveena strikes the planet with her 2019 LP, “Lucid”.

What is peace? Is it the freedom one creates in the mind, when loosening that tight grip on reality and breathing a slow breath creating a substantial distance from pressure? Can peace be categorized as this organic euphoria of contentment, longing for the feeling to remain present for days to come? Could peace be the opposite of disturbance, cuddling with the idea of acceptance as the world births various walks of life. Or, can peace be that feeling of complete relaxation of the body and spirit, exhaling in a non-overwhelming abundance? However you define calm, peace is a feeling we all seek and is easy to understand.

That brightness of self-affection and attractive reflection. Sunshine aids peace to its best ability. As the sun spreads its rays to greet our skin and kiss our forehead in a gentle embrace, peace becomes the most expensive thing some can obtain. The luminous smiles on people’s faces as they reach this insightfulness of tranquility feeds the souls of others. Peace is Lucid. Peace is clear to the understanding and suffused with light. The New York native, Raveena, dives into a pool of purity in her album, Lucid.


Breathe in her Soul, Breathe out her Peace

With the stillness of Corrine Bailey Rae and the insensibility of Sade, Raveena Aurora generated a substantial following after her first EP, “Shanti”, was released in December 2017. The singer/songwriter explored the journey of healing through the world of rhythm and blues, soul, and jazz music.

Jazz is a musical genre that originated in the African American communities of New Orleans, United States. Developed from ragtime with roots in West Africans’ music expression, paired with European military-based music, jazz has been known as “America’s classical music”. Jazz can be distinguished by blues notes, improvisation and polyrhythms (the use of two or more rhythms that don’t derive from one another).

Raised in a traditional Sikh household following her parents’ immigration to America from India due to the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, Raveena’s activist nature transcribes her tranquil approach to peace within her music. In 2018, Raveena joined the “Say it Louder” campaign which pushed the encouragement of strong female icons in music. Since then, Raveena has collaborated with many brilliant musicians such as Awkwafina, Lizzo, and Hayley Kiyoko.

Raveena’s second album, “Lucid”, hit the meadow of music May 31, 2019. Her poetic lyrical interpretation highlights her experience of sexual abuse, love,  bi-sexuality, and the power she embodies through everyday life. “Lucid” was named one of the “Best Albums of 2019” according to NPR, catapulting the princess of peace into indie stardom.

“I want to cultivate this feeling of softness and community and create a sense of togetherness in the room and a sense of love and vulnerability. A lot of my music talks about growing out of these traumatic experiences, and if you ever have been through something similar that I talk about in my music, I just want you to know that you are extremely loved.”

Watch Raveena’s live “Tiny Desk” Performance now!


Mama, Are You Still Dreaming?

Nothing is better than a mother’s love. That warm embrace of the one who gave you the whole world and more sits prominently on your heart. A mother’s smile can cure the sickest spirit, and turn hate into love with a blink of its eye. The sacrifices mothers make on a daily basis to share a life worth living for the ones they love, cannot go unnoticed. Raveena reflects on her beautiful mother in the angelic track “Mama”. “Looking through your photos I imagine all of your dreams, I will always wonder Who you really were before me, what did you lose? I hope nothing too soon”. A lullaby in form, the song gives you peace for all things a motherly spirit obtains so effortlessly.



Love can make everything around you become so still. The sanctuary created in the comfort of your room with the person you love, makes the world seem much smaller. Creating a kingdom with someone takes patience, time and pure hospitality. The one you love will break down those barriers and allow vulnerability to wipe the tears from your eyes as you connect in a castle of completeness.

“I don’t want to lose that feelin’. Sleepin’ in your arms, still dreamin’. And if I, if I froze time Could you forever be my baby?” Raveena captures the essence of peace created from a strong bond of lovers in a sensual track, “Still Dreaming”.



Raveena creates so much solitude in this project. My love for the album developed over time as I fell in love with the peaceful essence of the tracks over and over again. Her ability to open up a space, free of anxiety and stress, with the power of her music, is magical. Her voice soothes the soul and is as sweet as honey.

The album title, “Lucid”, sums up the overall feeling the album gives birth to. With lucid imagery and lucid stillness, the album is best played when you need a moment to calm your nerves and tensions. With a 7 out of 10, the album gives the listener a similar feel of Moonchild, an indie jazz band sailing out of Los Angeles, CA. The songs can bleed together and lack a bit of variety in terms of song delivery and stylist choices. Overall, “Lucid” is a mood. A mood for all things peace and tranquility. Raveena gives a whole new meaning to self-love and pure solidarity.

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