Free Online Courses – RWTH Aachen University, Germany

RWTH Aachen University of Germany is a member of the IDEA League which is a collaboration of five of the leading educational institutions of technology in Europe. The 5 universities in the IDEA league, via this alliance, share resources which surely benefit the students of these top institutions.

RWTH Aachen University has been among those in the forefront offering free online courses.

The courses are both in German and English languages. Here are some of the courses that are taught in English.

  • Strategic Management – From Intuition to Insight: The fundamentals of the market and technology are fast changing in the dynamic environment we live in. The course aids you towards developing the skills required and also the necessary capabilities.
  • Customer Centric Innovation: The constant amount of information the customer receives nowadays can be mind boggling. Add to that the competition and you have a pretty difficult mix if you’re a customer. The course helps you understand the creation of innovative ideas. As we all know the actions and the ideas we implement create a make or break situations.
  • Biobased Products for Sustainable (Bio) Economy: This course delves into the opportunities and several other areas of developing those products that help reduce reliance on fossil based economy.

Do look up all the courses RWTH Aachen University has to offer.

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