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Not just high up there in university rankings, Delft University of Technology is one of the largest research institutes in the world. This university in the Netherlands employs close to 3000 scientists.

Apply for Free Online Courses of Delft University

This educational institution, The University of Technology – Delft University in its approach towards social development has put up a pretty vast range of free online courses, each of them par excellence.

Here are a few free online courses of Delft University:

  • Product Design – The Delft Design Approach: The course addresses many methods towards design. The main component of product design is to understand what the end-user who is your customer has in mind and to be able to create the product accordingly, using your imagination and creative abilities.
  • Solar Energy: Many countries are moving fast on this technology. Germany and Italy have already achieved phenomenal numbers in terms of solar power generation at 32 and 16 gigawatts. Interestingly the United States of America currently lags far behind at around 7 gigawatts. The course teaches you how to design a complete photovoltaic system.
  • Electric Cars – Business: This is no longer a novelty. Here again Germany leads by having sold more than 105,000 electric cars during the last year alone. Other countries including China are catching up fast. Norway has the most electric cars on a per capita basis. The course gives you a great understanding of varied profitable business models for electric cars.

Log on to this link to see some of the most interesting courses on offer.

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