Four Movies Every Young Entrepreneur Must Watch

These movies are the type which you don’t find on every success-is-my-only-option movies list. That’s why covering these pieces of cinematic art is quite important. Every young entrepreneur should watch at least two (which already makes half) of the movies on this list. In the article below you will find out why.

The Intern
This movie explores age gaps and gender divides and should be fun for Millennials to watch. The movie is about a recent retiree (Robert De Niro) who is so bored with retirement that he applies to work as an intern at a startup company. His mentor is the young founder (Anne Hathaway) who teaches him some of the new ways of working. This encounter between a Baby Boomer and a Millennial explores the possibility that these two might work together in a completely different atmosphere from the one they already know.
The Intern can teach about business relationships, finding common ground with colleagues, and getting the best out of the generation gap.

Catch Me If You Can

It is one of the most amazing Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies. It actually makes you want to break the law and be on the run. It charms the viewer into being on the side of the criminal, and voting for his freedom. That’s exactly what sales are about! Charming people into believing that anything and everything you are saying is 100% true. And Frank Abagnale, the main character, teaches us how to do just that.
The topics which are covered in this movie include entrepreneurship skills, the creativity to solve unexpected problems, innovation in fields not close to your college degree, perseverance, and business vision, which is always essential for an entrepreneur.

Office Space

A classic American comedy, Office Space covers the corporate culture of a 1990s software company. What can a Millennial learn from this movie?
First, how NOT to behave in an office setting.
Second, some old-school classic tips and tricks of salesmanship and leadership.
Third, getting a better focus on the business practices and customs which previous generations were built on.
This movie tackles awkward work relationships and difficult office politics. It’s a good laugh, actually. The satirizing of team-building, mentoring, and work-life balance will lighten up your mood after your personal experience with these – and many other – situations in real life. Office Space can definitely get a young entrepreneur thinking about leadership skills and career development.

The Devil Wears Prada

Another Ann Hathaway movie. This one is usually associated with the twin themes of empowerment and the hellish life of a personal assistant. How is that even possible? Well, the CEO of one of the greatest fashion magazines in the world is a cold-hearted woman. She is strong and independent, and knows that emotions and work do not get along. Her personal assistant is a young woman who is still learning how to work her way through the unfamiliar byways of hard work and even higher expectations.
What does the movie teach us, actually? (Except the fact that climbing the corporate ladder is extremely hard, and that branding and sales always go hand in hand.) The real lesson is that creating a safe and warm environment filled with people you love can bring more happiness than any CEO position you can imagine. The movie’s message is highly important for today’s times and is useful for all genders and ages.

Photo: IMDB

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