Four Engaging Films for the Weekend

As we are approaching the weekend, it is time for the YT weekend movie picks. This time we have selected four films, and all four of them will make you sit back and wait for the final credits...and some may wait even longer. Our picks include one true story, one book adaptation, one comedy, and one truly engrossing drama.

Stand by Me
A film based on the novel by Stephen King, a fictional drama about a journey undertaken by four twelve-year-old boys to find the dead body of a local missing boy. And most of all, a vehicle to examine the inner feelings of four young friends who are overcoming their fears and pushing their personal boundaries.

Huisvrouwen bestaan niet (‘Housewives Don’t Exist’)
European films usually bring a fresh perspective into any topic, and so it is with the Dutch movie Housewives Don’t Exist. I honestly can´t tell you much about the subject of the film since them storyline wasn´t the strong point of the show. What made the movie funny was the dialogue, the crisp jokes, the shocking situations, the new faces…over all a thumbs up.

There are strong dramas which carry you along with the usual set of tools, such as music, for instance. And then comes Pororoca, which feels like something between a home video, an alternative movie, or a documentary film. Not knowing what was the synopsis, I had the advantage of letting it work through my feelings. Without giving clear indications, without dramatic music (as a matter of fact, without any music at all) the film starts to lead its  viewers towards its final dramatic twist, and does so in a very unique way. What, for example, can one make of a ridiculous fight between a dog master and an old lady in a park in the background? A film that is absolutely worth watching.

Walk the Line
Walk the Line is a biographical movie about the life of music legend Johnny Cash, from his childhood through his meteoric rise, and through dark years with the love of his love of his life, June Carter. Both the leading actors – Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon – received, and quite justifiably, several prestigious awards for their performances. In case you are wondering who actually sang for the film, it was Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon themselves and they did a pretty excellent job of it.

Photo: IMDB

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