Florence – One of the Most Beautiful Cities to Study In

It is said, there was a time the Italians could not completely understand each other due to the various dialects spoken in the country. Eventually, to bring about unity and […]

It is said, there was a time the Italians could not completely understand each other due to the various dialects spoken in the country. Eventually, to bring about unity and a common language which could be called the national language, they adopted the Florentine dialect which was considered the most refined.

Tuscany by itself is professed to be one of the most beautiful regions in the world and Florence, the capital, is rich in all kinds of history, art and architecture. Many feel that whichever direction you look towards in this beautiful city, looks like a picture and a masterpiece.

The city has quite a population of international students on account of the numerous foreign universities. Prominent among them are the French, English, German, American and even Japanese. Add to that tourists, and you have an entirely cosmopolitan environment.

Although many feel the need not to learn Italian before coming to study in this magnificent city, the author of this article would strongly recommend it. Apart from Italian being one of the most pleasant languages it would be extremely useful while you study here.

We, in our articles related to universities cover the public universities, mainly due to the quality of education and affordability it may be pertinent to mention that there are several foreign universities in this city. The cost of education at the foreign universities can be much higher while the public universities cost between 1000 to 1200 per year.

As usual, it is recommended that you visit the websites of each of the public universities to identify the courses most suitable and meet your aspirations.

University of Florence
Official website

Florence university of arts
Official website

It is worth mentioning that the University of Florence is a university with several campuses and offers a host of courses and teems with foreign students.

It is recommended that you budget for between 1000 to 1200 $ towards your cost of living as Florence is quite an expensive city. This would normally include all of your essential requirements including shared accommodation either as a paying guest or in a students dorm.

There are several hubs of public transport in Florence and buses are the most favoured form. They are comfortable and efficient.

Florence offers wide ranging entertainment facilities and you can count on meeting students from other countries most places that you to to. Those who have studied here recount their experiences and memories over their lifetime.

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