Five Movies That Will Bring You To Sweet France

France is romantic, and the most romantic part of it is Paris. It would be impossible to live a complete life without hearing a statement similar to this. Whether it is true or not, let's leave it to each individual to judge and meanwhile get some inspiration from romantic movies set in France.

Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen likes nostalgic trips back to the past, especially the 1920s. Gil (Owen Wilson) and Inez (Rachel McAdams) are an American couple, about to get married, when they decide to visit Paris. Gil is fascinated, while Inez is firmly grounded back home, in California. One evening, while walking through Paris, Gil experiences an inexplicable transfer back to the golden age of Paris. After that experience he feels that he is much happier in his illusions than in present.


Set in a small French village in the middle of nowhere, where the local morals and habits are frozen in time . . . until the adventuresome Vianne Rocher (Juliette Binoche) and her daughter take up residence in the town with the sweetest of business plans. In spite of the initial suspicions of the local people, she manages to melt their hearts with her irresistable chocolates and also meets a fascinating stranger called Roux (Johnny Depp) who shows her how to discover and celebrate her own passions.

French Kiss 

Kate (Meg Ryan) is travelling from America to France to salvage a severely broken relationship with her philandering boyfriend, Charlie. When she boards her flight she has no idea what adventures she is going to experience, including getting mixed up with a theft and, more seriously, a new love with a charming cheater, Luke.

Amelie from Montmartre

Amélie lives in Montmartre and is leading an ordinary life. When she discovers a mysterious box with the belongings of the former tenant of her apartment, her life course changes radically and she starts improving the lives of the people around her. And then she turns to her own life and falls in love with Nino.

Paris when it Sizzles 

Scenarist Richard Benson (William Holden) is about to finish his last movie, but his mind has gone blank . . . in fact, why should he be expected to come up with creative ideas while he is carefree and enjoying the luxurious lifestyle of the Paris apartment that has been made available to him. But the easy days are over, and the Hollywood producer Alexander Meyerheim is going to demand that he get to work . . . personally.
There is no way out other than to hire the unforgettably charming typist Miss Simpson (Audrey Hepburn) and then make up something out of his head. In the end it becomes easier to experience the plot than to dream it up.

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