Five Incredible Virtual Tours That Are Cheaper Than The Airfare

With travel restricted for most of us, we thought we'd take a look at some of the best, well-priced virtual tours from all over the world.

Travel is a popular hobby that requires time, money and planning. Doing virtual tours can not only be easier on your wallet, but you can also fit more of it into your busy schedule. There are a lot of free ways to experience the world from your home. 

However, some of the more curated virtual tours are worth purchasing a ticket.


Australia – Indigenous Culture in the Northern Territory

The Land Down Under is high on many travel bucket lists because of its spectacular landscape, fascinating animals and hot climate. 

It almost seems like a fairytale place where the seasons are backwards, kangaroos look like bodybuilders and most animals can kill you. 

Doing a virtual tour saves you the cost of the trip, the pinch of the advised vaccines and the fear of giant puppy-eating spiders.

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Rock Out: Experience the grandeur of Australia from your own house

For just $10 AUD you can purchase a full cultural experience tour of Australia’s indigenous population. 

Learn about how they hunted, gathered food and slept under the stars. 

The video features Manuel Pamkal who shares his personal stories. He will even play the didgeridoo for you! 

Explore what the aboriginals ate, how they spent their days and learn to light a fire using just two sticks.


The Great Wall of China Tour

The best time to visit the Great Wall of China in person is in spring or fall. Trust me, I was there during the scorching months of summer and it wasn’t pleasant. 

One of the 12 world wonders, the Great Wall is truly impressive because it is the longest structure ever built by humans. 

Some sections are over 2,000 years old! This landmark attracts both local tourists and people from all over the world. 

Visiting in person is expensive and includes waiting in long lines. Fortunately, it is possible to visit virtually for free! However, paying a little extra can get you an even better experience. 

The China Guide has 3D photos of various sections. For $8 USD you can see them in even better quality. 

Finally, for $50 USD you can get a private virtual tour over Zoom that allows you to ask questions and get more information.


Helsinki, Finland – Sauna Culture & Ice Swimming

The capital of Finland is known for being surrounded by the sea, kind-hearted locals, fresh seafood and saunas. 

Locals in Helsinki often combine going to the sauna with voluntarily dipping themselves in freezing waters. Enjoy an authentic experience and chat up a local Finnish guide in this unique interactive experience.

For just £19.84, Urban Adventures will take you on a virtual tour of a lifetime. This English-speaking tour is an hour long and starts either at 10am on Thursday or 6pm on Sunday, Helsinki time. 

Part of the tour includes learning about the benefits of cold-water immersion as well as tips to prepare yourself to endure them. 

This way you can start practising to do your own polar bear plunge when the time comes.


Live Virtual Tours of Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is a fascinating area of the city not only because of the adult content but because of the history. 

However, it can be a bit of a taboo topic, especially in more conservative places around the world. 

The practices of the Red Light District date back to the 15th Century although it is possible that it is even older. It is the oldest part of the city.

Tours by Locals offers a live hour-long virtual for £70, which lets you watch it on up to six screens so you can split it with your friends or family. 

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Lighting The Way: See a different side of the Dutch capital on this virtual tour

As it is a live event, you need to sign on at a particular time of your specific trip. 

The guides are Salomé and Ian, a married couple that own two shops in the Red Light District. 

While running their chocolate speciality shop and creative workshop space, they have become experts on the area.


Florida Beach Birding with Biologists

Southwest Florida in the USA happens to be a critical stopover site for thousands of migrating and wintering shorebirds. 

This is why programs exist to protect these places and the species that rely on them for survival. 

The Rookery Bay Research Reserve offers virtual tours from September until April to learn more about the birds that you will see in real-time. You will be given the tools to identify them with your guide Adam DiNuovo.

These $10 USD virtual tours offer a 90-minute education experience will show you various species. 

You can see birds via binoculars placed on the beach as well as clear photos for easier identification. 

The great thing about this tour is that it is never the same as all birdwatching is done in real-time and different species can be spotted during different months. 

Help support the conservation by joining the tours, learning about birds and educating others.

There are various ways to travel the world. Virtual tours open up a whole new array of experiences and there truly is something for everyone.

Visit museums, historic sites, significant beaches and so much more from the comfort of your home. In addition to exploring free trips, enjoy a more immersive, live experience for significantly less than the price of a flight.

There are plenty more virtual trips for you to do from the comfort of your home – we looked at some of them late last year!

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