Five Christmas Adverts To Bring You Festive Cheer

At this time of the year, when people particularly miss the warmth of the soul, the world's biggest corporations releasd traditional commercials. Steve Carell in the role of Santa bringing to us emotions to unite this magical time. As well as Disney studio produced the same touching story with their authorial techniques. Home traditions get important this year as never before.

The Greatest Gift – Xfinity Christmas Advert

In a fantasy world of the North Pole where Christmas elves help to sustain traditions. However, 2020 was really exhausting for everyone, so the upcoming festivities are going to be extra hard- Santa’s team have to create special, particular gifts for us.


Xfinity is the global company, who provides connection with TV, the Internet, cell-phones, wireless network. Annually, they produced some short video with the intention to reunite people around the globe by humanity and inner values.


From Our Family To Yours – Disney Studio

 Who else needs to be introduced to the traditional Disney cartoons? They always make a high-quality story of what is really important. Finally, the plot is to get us all to think about what we really have.


This Christmas advert is a part of the Disney charity campaign. So everyone could share their family festive memory on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the following next tag #LoveFromDisney and the company will gift from $1 to thousands of dollars to make a wish on their behalf.


Touching Onscreen From German Pharmacy Doc Morris 

This promo is so vulnerable. Reflection on life matters. One old man started doing physical exercises with a special purpose. Warm, kind and uplifting.

P.S. It’s necessary to hug someone you love after watching.


Edgar’s Christmas – Austrian Erste Group Bank 

Passion Animation Studios (London), in collaboration with Jung von Matt creative agency, produced such a version of social christmas adverts to show whether at young or old, everything that should be on Christmas should be there for everyone.


Give A Little Love – John Lewis Christmas Advert

 An outstanding short story, combined both real stories and animation, cartoon technique. Making this video was inspired by kindness while pandemic.

John Lewis and Partners is the store of clothes, home accessories, furniture and other things for comfortable living. They release Christmas adverts annually and are well-known for their efforts right around the world.

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Do you have the festive spirit after those christmas advrets now? If not, maybe some of the best indie christmas songs will get you there:

The Best Indie Christmas Songs

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