Experience Life in Another Country: Why Graz in Austria Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

The Styrian capital Graz is the second-largest city in Austria. It has an utterly fascinating mix of old and new, from a delightful old town to vibrant nightlife. Graz has a lot to offer its visitors, which is why it has become so popular in recent years.

But just why should you go to Graz on your next holiday? Read on to find out.


The Food

Most foodies feel right at home in Graz.

They have amazing local cuisine, which is made using regional and seasonal products. There are also events that celebrate the food offerings, such as the Graz food festival, an annual event that lasts a whole week.

On a smaller scale, they also have an excellent market that sells local produce.

There are also loads of cafes and coffee shops for you to choose from and there is nowhere better to spend a lazy afternoon.


The Culture

The old town in Graz has been declared a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Graz was also named a European Capital of Culture in 2003.

The old town is truly stunning; the architecture alone is worth the visit.

The old town is living history – it’s like a sprawling outdoor museum. Graz is one of the best-preserved historic cities in all of Europe.

You can wander about at your leisure, or you can hire a tour guide.

There is also a beautiful Franciscan monastery which is perfect for quiet contemplation. Don’t forget the art galleries and museums too!


The Accommodation

There are some lovely lodgings in Graz to choose from, and your choice of accommodation can directly impact your stay.

Something which is important to note when you are looking around, there are websites like these which offer great ex-pat accommodation to choose from, including dedicated pages to destinations like Graz.

They have both short- and long-term leases; they have shared properties or private rentals, the price of which can include or exclude bills, so make sure to double-check when booking.

You can find places to stay in Graz for as little as 400EUR a month, which is less than 15EUR a day – although obviously, it depends on how long you want to stay.


The Affordability

Graz is an incredibly affordable destination; on average, a single person could expect to spend around 900EUR a month without rent.

However, this price is subject to huge fluctuations depending on a variety of factors. For example, if you were to rent a place with bills included you could save around 300 EUR.

Most people who live and work in Graz can expect to bring home around 1900 EUR after-tax, meaning that although the prices to some things may be higher, it works out proportionally with the average income.

Read about the education in Graz.


The Weather

Graz is located in the middle of a valley, meaning that its average temperature is often higher than that of other Austrian cities.

And so, in the summer, it often has a very Italian feeling flair to it, and the winter brings little snow, meaning that you can visit it year-round, although the winter months can get chilly.

Graz is a must-see destination for anyone contemplating a visit to Europe.

It has so much to offer but doesn’t often see the limelight as most people skip Graz in favour of Vienna, but it has just as much going for it, if not more!

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