Cuba And Its Beauty – In Pictures

Fidel Castro and Ernesto "Che" Guevara – a cliché to say so, but still the main attraction for a visit to Cuba. Ask anybody and you´ll get a quite similar answer: „I want to see the country before it changes“.  Traveling into a Marxist–Leninist socialist state is a different kind of holiday, catapulting you straight into history . . . Tourism in Cuba has been growing rapidly since the ‘80s. Tourism – now counting more than two million visitors per year – is one of the island’s main revenue sources. But obviously there is much more to this country than history and politics.

Cuba is an educated country. Respecting elementary and secondary education, the country ranks in a range betwen 34th – 43rd worldwide; but respecting college and university studies, Cuba, with its free education system, boasts an impressive 10 percent of the population who are university graduates. 

One of the first things to observe in Cuba‘s cities are the cars.  It is hard to imagine a collection of unique and rare cars to rival what can be seen routinely driving down Cuba’s streets. The only country that comes close is Iran. (Car exhibitions do not count :-)) 

The omnipresent creativity of shops and services is unmistakable and with little added value to show for all the effort. One won’t remember seeing shop windows with buckets on display anywhere else. 

And of course the Cuban cigars. Ah! The best.

Havana Cathedral

Streets of La Habana

Ubiquitous Che Guevara in streets of La Habana

La Habana Aerial View

The coastal drive of La Habana

La Habana – charming in every weather

Cars in the streets of La Habana are a treasure

And regular maintenance locally

The cheapest “taxi” in La Habana

Slightly better while still cheap taxis in La Habana

Hotel Nacional de Cuba


Where else in the world do you get to see a window shop like this?

Interior of a shop in La Habana

Education system in Cuba is good – children in their school uniforms

Daily life

And of course – Cuban cigars – the country´s distinguishing mark

Cigars in Cuba seems to mean more than just smoking – a usual portrait from Cuba

Santa Lucia bakery offers masterly cakes which come incredibly cheap

Outside of the touristic areas it is quite a different world

Photos: Dana xbone Hosova

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