Classic Recipes With That Extra Touch

Basic dishes have been long left unnoticed as potential delicacies. Seriously, what does it take to make a potato mash or soup more attractive? Have a look with us.

Cream Soup with garnish
What makes even the elemental cream soup distinctive, is really the final touch of a unique garnish. How about pepper potato creamy soup with crumbled salty soft cheese? Or tomato soup with fried bacon, bread crumbs and basil? All that’s needed is imagination.

Tomato soup with garnish

Potato Mash with cheese and herbs
If you think of potato mash as one of the not very imaginative side dishes, this can change your view. To make a heavenly meal out of a sticky potato blend use cheese and herbs. While hard cheese of the Parmasan type seems to be quite an obvious choice, it’s not a good idea to stick just with one. Potatoes are neutral ingredients which go very well in combination with the stronger blue cheese and fried garlic, topped with herbs like rosemary and you will forget meat.

Cheesy potato mash

Bramboráky (Potato Pancakes)
Potato pancakes or hash browns – good enough? And what if there is fried bacon or sausage in it? Sounds way more appetizing.

Potato pancakes with bacon

Semolina Porridge with cottage cheese
And for the last one there is a challenge. Porridge made from semolina…does it sound like punishment? If you add cottage cheese into prepared and cooled porridge and top it with fruits, there will be an instant difference.

Porridge dessert

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