Celebrating International Youth Day: Throwback to Four Fantastic Young People

On International Youth Day, we look back at four inspiring stories that captured our imagination in 2021.

For two decades now, we have pinned down on the calendar August 12th as the day when we celebrate young people and draw attention to a variety of socio-cultural and legal issues surrounding them with International Youth Day..  

This date marks the International Youth Day and we here at Youth Time could not be happier to bring to you a few pieces on this topic so close to our work and hearts.

Today we introduced you to the inspiring story of Jahin Rahman. We add his journey of a young activist to many more similar stories we have been highlighting all along the path.

So, this piece will summarise the stories of athletes, innovators, social entrepreneurs, activists, and photographs we were lucky enough to interview previously.

They are change makers and the ones stepping outside their comfort zones to make the world a better place.

Nevertheless, this article is not just for them. It is a shout-out for every young person striving for a brighter tomorrow.

International Youth Day: Five Young People


Ice Queen Sara Hurtado Creating Unique History

Speaking to Youth Time, ice dancer Sara Hurtado, who is set for her third Olympics next year, shares more about her career and her future.

First, she started as a single skater, and eventually transformed from singles to ice dance. The transition from single skater to ice dancer was “like learning how to skate all over again”.  

“If I could describe it, it’s probably like suddenly having a third arm, or having a body extension that you just can’t control,” is one thing she shared with Youth Time contributor Ekaterina Kuznetsova in this interview published in July.

Hurtado also spoke about the Olympic experience as something that changes your life forever.

Read the whole interview here.


Trisha Prabhu: Stopping Cyberbullying Through ReThink App

From Spain to the United States (US) to refresh your memory with the inspiring story of Trisha Prahbu, a 20-year-old innovator, social entrepreneur, global advocate and inventor of the ReThink app – a patented technology and an effective way to detect and stop online hate.

Speaking exclusively to Youth Time, she recalled that the US State Department introduced ReThink in 134 countries via the Share America programme. 

She further discussed the journey and impact of ReThink as an award-winning, non-intrusive, innovative technology in detecting and stopping cyberbullying before the damage is done.

Connecting it to today’s date, we repeat Trisha’s message for all young people:

“You do not have to wear a lab coat or have Albert Einstein’s hair to prove to the world that your idea is awesome,” she believes.

Here you can read this meaningful interview we published at the beginning of March.


From Portugal to Prague: An Erasmus Adventure

Our very own Nevena Šaulić brought to your attention the story of the 19-years old Caroline De Souza.

From serving at a hostel in Prague, to becoming a European Ambassador, Caroline De Souza tells you her inspiring story about Erasmus+.

Nevena argues that De Souza’s story is an inspiring one about how everybody can change our lives in a way to use every single opportunity and every day of our lives.

We could not agree more.

Especially after reading this great interview, where you can find more about De Souza’s experience with Erasmus+ and how her journey gives hope and inspiration for all young people wanting to climb the next ladder of their lives. 

Please click here for the interview.

Freelancing in Covid-19: An Interview with James Bridle

Well… you are wrong if you thought this piece will end without mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic. Needless to say, the pandemic we are fighting for more than a year now has transformed (almost) every aspect of our lives, relationships and jobs. 

Acknowledging this, in April 2021, the award-winning photographer James Bridle sat down with Youth Time Editor, Josh Donaldson and spoke more about how the freelancing world was hit by the COVID-19 crisis. He also speaks about the industry and his career highlights.

“It is now thankfully ending, but for those people wanting to make something in photography, it has been a really difficult time. If you were looking to get into that type of industry, it would be difficult.”, Bridle says in one part of the interview.

Read here the full interview to find out more.

Once again, honouring International Youth Day, Youth Time appreciates all the young people who were part of our stories.

We are merely awaiting to cover many more stories of the youth all around the globe.

Want to have your story told in Youth Time Magazine? Get in touch with us at magazine@youthtimemag.com.

From International Youth Day to an article we worked on for Youth Skills Day. Different day, same inspiring tales.

World Youth Skills Day: Aspiring to Develop a Resilient Youth

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