Catching Criminals With The Help Of Psychic Powers

Some professions can be learnt and for others you have to be gifted. About this we are going to talk with the renowned Psychic and Medium, Danielle Egnew. Let's try to uncover the secrets of the unseen world, that according to Mrs. Egnew she experiences first hand through her extraordinary Psychic abilities.

To get the flow going, please tell us, if in this world of the internet and technology revolution, have you at any time helped the authorities track down criminals through your psychic powers?

I have, yes. I have contributed my abilities to both active and cold case investigations for the purpose of assisting law enforcement in finding clues that could lead to convictions. Since there is no such thing as “Psychic evidence”, it’s very important in my field to work toward finding real-life pieces of the puzzle that will be functional in a court of law. Hunches don’t get people convicted. Hard evidence does. My job is to do my best to utilize my abilities to find the hard evidence.

At what age did you discover that you had psychic powers? How?

I was a little kid of only two years old when I first experienced meeting deceased relatives and having predictive dreams. I saw my deceased auntie when I was that age, and I had no idea she had passed on, as she looked just as real and solid as a person standing in front of you in day-to-day life. I later told my mom when I was 17 about the experience I had with my aunt as a child, and I recounted how I’d met this auntie when I was little. My mom was really confused, because this aunt had died two years before I was born. I think my mom thought I made it up, having seen my aunt, until I described the aunt to her. My poor mom! (laughs) I started having predictive dreams when I was four, all about world events. When I was 17 years old I visited the World Trade Centers in New York and while I was up in the north tower, I felt the floor beneath my feet simply give out and drop, over and over again. The security guards thought I was struggling with vertigo. I kept insisting that it wasn’t vertigo – it simply felt like the building was plummeting downward, like an elevator whose cable had snapped. When we returned to the street level I turned to my friend at the time and told him that those buildings were going to come down. At the time I think my friend thought I was crazy because the World Trade centers were huge, and very sturdy. Yet years later when I watched the Twin Towers come down on television, I was deeply sick to my stomach, because not only was the event horrific, yet I knew what it felt like to be in a building that was plummeting to the ground. In fact, I talk a little more about this very issue on my website, and folks are welcome to read more about it at.

Who motivated you to follow your talent, if I may use the word, and do what you were meant to do?

Truly, the person who first motivated me the most was the mother of a former partner. This was back in 2003. She herself was very Psychic. I asked her one day why she wasn’t reading for people. She asked me the very same question. I felt very empowered by her response and so I began reading for private clients locally, at that time in the Los Angeles area. That branched out into reading for businesses, Hollywood studios, creatives who were developing TV shows, and then branched out to people in government, people all over the country, and all over the world. I am always humbled by the opportunity to help people. It’s really a wonderful way to spend your life.  

And who were the ones that opposed it?

Actually, no one in my life was opposed to me using my Psychic abilities. I’m very lucky in that way. I have great friends and family. My family, on both sides, are very intuitive. My Dad’s side of the family are Empaths and my mom’s side of the family are Mediums and Clairvoyants. So though no one in my family technically works as a “Psychic”, except for me, it definitely runs in our gene pool. I appear to be genetically pre-disposed to working with these gifts! (laughs)

How was your childhood and what all did you do as a child?

My childhood was very blessed. Though there were some struggles early on – my brother passing away of SIDS when I was four years old, and my folks getting divorced – the bulk of my childhood was very happy. After my brother died, I was an only child and that afforded me a lot of terrific one-on-one adult time. I’m 48 years old, so I grew up in a world with no internet, no computers, no cell phones, making toys out of wood with my grandpa in the garage, spending huge amounts of time with my family in the outdoors of Montana, fishing camping, and hiking. I’m glad I grew up in an era with no computers! It taught me how to truly shape the world, in 3D. I had a very tight-knit Italian family, and just down the road I had even more wonderful grandparents who had ties to the Crow Indian Nation, so the Indigenous Native American cultures were part of my upbringing. We watched the Native American dancing at Crow Fair and ate flatbreads covered in honey. I was always encouraged to be creative. If we didn’t have something, we were encouraged to make it. We didn’t have a lot of money. Yet I had no idea we didn’t, because we had a garden full of vegetables, endless clothes from grandma’s sewing machine, and there was always wood in the garage to create amazing structures.  Later, I loved being in drama and choir. I love the arts. I love painting – I still oil paint. Both my grandpas worked for themselves and so being an entrepreneur was a big part of my raising. Family was, and is, the most important thing in my life. Family of blood as well as the family of spirit. Good friends can become family, too. I am rich with love in my life!

Even scientists say they know only about 4 percent of the Universe so there’s probably a lot happening out there that we don’t know about. Could you give us some examples of the good things that are happening?

Wow, there’s so much going on in the rest of the Universe, I’m not sure where to start, yet I’ll mention that our OffWorlder Community – what we like to call “Aliens”—are very generous and ancient cultures that have been coming to earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Even now, they are assisting the earth in magnificent ways by removing excess geothermal pressure from the earth as to alleviate more severe earthquakes. Sure, they like to help out, yet the reasons they do this are more in line with making sure that the ley lines and the electromagnetic grids that these OffWorld Cultures utilize in which to navigate temporal portals (gateways) on earth remain in the relatively the same position. Sort of like a group of workers who don’t want a landing strip moved at London Heathrow or LAX because all the plane computers recognize the GPS of that landing strip. Something that we don’t take into account, when living on earth, is that when we have huge earthquakes and tsunamis, it actually changes the way the plates of the earth sit, which change the direction through which Electromagnetic energy and geothermal pressure flows.  This is a big deal if you’re driving a craft that navigates by locating electromagnetic “streams” in the atmosphere. 

Extraterrestrial life isn’t what Hollywood makes it out to be – horrible creatures waiting to eat a person’s face off. I’d say humans are more like that! (laughs) The ET’s I’ve communicated with have been really cool! It was these extraterrestrial cultures that brought much knowledge to our ancient civilizations, and has brought further technology to some major countries on earth. Regrettably a lot of that technology has been absorbed into weaponry, yet the tiny computer chips in all our devices are a result of reverse-engineering extremely basic electromagnetic OffWorld technology.

And there’s the Angelic realm, which is very busy being “air traffic control” for not only humans, but all outcomes and all chosen destinies down here on earth. We design our future. Angels help us with our choices. Sometimes we make really challenging choices and they do their best to assist us in learning with the least amount of pain possible, yet we humans do like to do things the hard way, quite often! (laughs) Angels aren’t people. We don’t die and become an angel. They are a separate set of entities who have completely separate jobs, spiritually, than do human beings. They’re very intense, very powerful beings, radiating with the power of pure love. I’d say angelic life is much more in line with a well-intentioned stealth special forces group than a bunch of hearts-and-flowers cupids. Although I love the idea of cupids! 

Given the age we live in does the average person consider you weird? If so, how do you deal with it?

Actually, you may be surprised to hear that the average person doesn’t find me to be all that weird. Which sometimes surprises even me! (laughs) It really is kind of refreshing. So much Psychic phenomenon is common place now, with TV shows like “Long Island Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer”. And with “X Files” owning the airwaves in the 1990’s, much of our culture has been prepared for the odd, strange, and extraterrestrial, for quite awhile now.

Sure, there are folks across different religions who look at what I do as a Psychic, Medium, and energetic translator, as an abomination. Once in a while those folks will troll one of my videos, or a blog post, and tell that I’m going to hell for misleading people, in their opinion (laughs). Yet everyone is entitled to their opinion and their understanding of the Universe. I truly feel sorry for the religious folks who are so afraid of these spiritual gifts. I even find that to be strange, considering that many people in the Christian Bible had enormous spiritual gifts. Elijah was a Medium – he spoke with dead relatives and prophets, who then gave him advice. John the Baptist was a tremendous Clairvoyant – he saw the future and was sought after by kings to do so.  The list of people with spiritual gifts listed in the Bible and other spiritual texts goes on and on. We use different terminology to describe people’s spiritual gifts in the modern world. I wouldn’t call myself a Prophet of God, by any means. I would call myself a translator of energetic and spiritual messages. The media calls me a Psychic and a Medium. It’s all the same work.

It’s been my observation that every human being has some sort of spiritual or Psychic gift. I believe we live in a time where we are re-acquainting ourselves with the true strength and beauty of our spiritual aptitudes without having to demonize them out of misunderstanding. All spiritual gifts come from Source, from God, from Universe, depending on how you look at a Universal consciousness. 

Tell us something about your personal life. Your partner, relationships?

I feel like the luckiest person in the world when it comes to relationships. I am incredibly blessed to have a beautiful wife and we have a terrific 12-year-old daughter. We’re a three-intuitive household. My wife is a fabulous fitness professional – she owns Fit Body Bootcamp in Billings, MT, and she uses her Empathic gifts when working with her clients through hard physical and emotional situations in her fitness studio. We’re also a household full of artists! My wife is an extremely gifted photographer and her work is stunning. She and I owned a gallery in Bozeman, MT where her photos and my oil paintings were featured. We’ve since moved that gallery here to Billings, MT. We have a very deep and interconnected emotional and spiritual relationship, and we’ve known each other many lifetimes. My marriage to Rebecca is one of the greatest gifts in my life, as is being a bonus mom to such a wonderful 12-year-old little girl. My family is very supportive of the rest of my career, which of course is in the arts. I still do a lot of radio, video/TV, and music, which was once my “job” prior to me moving so much into spiritual work. I have a music studio in our home and I’m currently finishing up my new album, which I’m releasing on June 2nd of 2017. They’ve been particularly patient with my recording schedule, which can get intense! And of course, we have two dogs – Rubin, the Pomeranian, and Angelo, the Mini American Eskimo. You have to have cute fluffy puppies around with three women living under one roof!

Does it get tiring to act as a Psychic and a Medium? Does it drain you of energy?

No, the job itself doesn’t drain me. In fact, just the opposite — it’s rather invigorating. Its pure energy running through your mind, body, and spirit. If I’m having a personally sad day, once I start reading for other people, my mood is lifted because of that beautiful angelic energy that comes through. Long days during live forums or workshops, or filming, can be more challenging as simply talking for eight to ten hours at a time, non-stop, gets rough. The talking can be tiring. But that’s what talking too much usually feels like, for anyone, I’d imagine! (laughs) The Psychic aspect of my work doesn’t tire me out. I’m also an Empath, and when world events inspire people to be very afraid and the ethers are flooded with fear, that fear can feel heavy. If that persists for a long time, it eventually feels draining. But that’s what hang-outs with good friends are for! Occasionally I have some pretty intense predictive dreams that will interrupt my sleep. But that doesn’t happen very often. Mostly my job is awesome, conversing with angels, spirits, and extraterrestrials. 

What are your favorite activities when you’re not being a psychic?

Ah, I love mountain biking! The weirder the trail, the better! I love making music, oil painting, visiting with family and friends. With Italian heritage, I love to cook! Hiking, camping, hanging out with family at cabin and just spending time with people I love. I adore laughing and sharing perspectives on the world. And I love to write, not only books, but screenplays! I have two books I’ve published and two more that I really want to finish, all about extraterrestrials and angels. I’m a huge science nerd. I love Quantum Physics and Oceanography! I read a lot of Physics and Space travel information. That’s not only fun but it helps me sort of figure out what the heck the extraterrestrials are talking about sometimes (laughs). And Star Wars. You just can’t get enough Star Wars!

A word of advice for our young readers?

Always lead with your best, no matter what that best is. Your best will change, from day to day, and that’s okay. None of us are perfect. The more we love ourselves and the more we are patient when we make mistakes, the more we will be forgiving of the humanity in other people. The world teaches us to prepare for the worst, yet that’s not the way that the Universe works. That’s working against a perfect system of manifestation. Instead of preparing for the worst in the world, bring in your very best. You are capable of miracles. You have energy that runs through your body that is charged with the power of the Universe. You can literally DO anything that you decide is yours to do. Always use those powers for good. This super-power of miracles is the birthright of every human being. Sometimes life brings us lessons or people that hurt, or cause pain. Yet that doesn’t mean that life is painful. It means that those feelings you are having, in that moment, are there to be your teacher – to show you an area in yourself that you can heal, or bring compassion toward, or bring strength into the world. You’re smarter than you think you are. And you’re stronger than you think you are as well. Your ideas are amazing.  They will change the world. Have confidence in them. And most of all, know that every human being is filled with love. People may not be aware of this, or fear that they have no love in their life, and this can cause some ugly behavior toward others. Yet every single one of us simply wishes to be understood, and heard, and seen, and loved. This is the challenge – how to allow the old world of anger, greed, tyranny, and fear to die away, so that we all may usher in the new world of consensus, peace, harmony and love.  You are more than capable of this feat. You are the miracle the world has been waiting for. Go for it!

Photo: Rebecca Douglas Photography

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