Burn Out In The Music Industry

Artist’s around the world have felt the negative effects of burning out. Is there anything an artist can do to avoid this unmotivating nature?

Are you feeling burned out from constant music self-promotion? From obsessive use of social media to technological networking for more exposure?


Artists in today’s musical climate are feeling this, which can hinder and restrict an artist’s motivation to pursue a flourishing career. The truth is that being burned out can happen to anyone. 



 Instrumental, General Music, and Physical Burn Out 


With various meanings and definitions, the term “burn out” is the lack of energy due to stress and the over-stimulation of activity. If you are currently attending university, this feeling is almost apparent regularly.


The feeling can happen during a hectic final exam period or the stressful nature of working and studying at school simultaneously.


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Common Problem: Burn out can effect anyone, not just musicians


From an artistic perspective, many musicians have felt the negative effects of variations of artistic burning out. One example is being burned out on their instrument.


Growing up, I studied vocal music throughout my elementary, middle, and high school studies. As singing was my prominent instrument, I would sing the majority of my days to develop my craft.


As the years began to mold together, my voice became fatigued and my desire to pursue singing diminished.


Taking A Break

I realised that I needed a break from vocal training to fully understand its importance in my life. Although burn out of an artistic outlet seems scary, it is sometimes needed to appreciate one’s talent. 


In later years, my perception of music shifted to more music business endeavors. I began to view music as a product rather than the enjoyable entity that fueled my well-being.

I became more aware of how the music industry works, and altered my efforts to more networking and structure rather than creating.


When people would ask me what my favourite music was, my reply would sound something like this: “I don’t have a favourite type of music, I don’t listen to music that much”.


This notion or response came from a second example, being burned out on music in general. 


In recent months, with the release of my new EP, while juggling the craziness of the pandemic and finishing my last semesters of university, physical burn out began to occur.


The overall exhaustion and fatigue of daily activities, caused artistic projects to cease, be rescheduled, or changed due to the lack of energy I have obtained.


The body being shut down is a prominent part of the stage. So, what can an artist do to avoid the traumas of burning out? Can an artist truly work through their burned-out nature?


The quick answer would be, Yes! However, there are proper steps and tips to ensure that an artist can manifest their talents through the foggy stages of burning out. 



Rest Your Mind 


These are the times an artist should solely work on taking care of themselves.


Although the days seem stressful and hard to manage, the best thing an artist can do is to stop working long days.


Halting work at a reasonable time gives the artist a chance to clear their mind and reach a level of relaxation needed to implement future creations.


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Moving On Up: Exercising allows you to rest your mind


Forming healthier eating habits will relieve the artistic mind of hazy, unmotivated lingering of doubt and creative tiredness.


Another important change to prevent burning out is creating personal time daily.


Hobbies such as sewing, puzzling, and painting have shown tremendous results in relaxing artist’s heavy desire to create. 





According to MusicIndustryHowTo.com, meditation may be a crucial implementation to decrease burning out. Developing meditation skills isn’t fully necessary.


Meditation music via YouTube, and simply closing the eyes, inhaling and exhaling at a peaceful motion, is more than enough meditation to ease the mind. 





Exercise is important in all aspects of life, but especially when feeling burned out. While sticking to light exercises such as light jogging or walking, artists may find the healthy outlet a way of clearing negative thoughts surrounding music.


Massages are also a valuable tool when an artist is feeling burned out. If financial positioning makes it hard to book appointments with massage therapist professionals, no worries.


Various creams and massage instruments can make the body and mind feel healthier. Especially, after a nice bath salted bubble bath. 


These steps and notions will help ease the negative effects of burning out. However, the most important aspect of avoiding feeling burned out is simply to put yourself first.


When was the last time you took the time to reflect and understand your emotions? Covering up emotions with work and stress only makes things much harder.


The need to people please probably have a deeper meaning for burned-out individuals. Being vigilant and understanding of these cycles, not only will weaken the ability to burn out but will also increase your creativity and allow you, the artist, to flourish in ways you never have before! 


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