Best Workation Destinations in Europe

Thinking of having workation soon? Here are the best workation destinations in Europe.

Recent years have shown that the digital nomad lifestyle or remote work opportunities are more than achievable for everyone. However, the destination from which you are working remotely can make a big impact on your overall well-being and productivity. If the idea of working remotely or taking workation break sounds more than appealing to you, here are the top destinations around Europe that are perfect for workations.


Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague is not only famous among tourists looking for leisure holidays, but also it has a notable number of digital nomads. The city is a perfect digital nomad base because of its bustling community and a variety of coffee shops, and co-working spaces that are perfect for those wanting to get some work done while still enjoying the element of socialization.

The excellent internet connection, easy access to fresh produce, variety of entertainment places, and fun nightlife scene make Prague a city to be for any young remote worker. Moreover, the Prague lifestyle is rather affordable compared to other big cities in Europe. You can expect to rent an affordable studio flat near the city center without breaking your wallet.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Mostly known as a summer holiday destination, Dubrovnik is surprisingly a wonderful base for digital nomads on a budget. While the prices go high during the summer season, you can enjoy the tranquility and affordable housing prices during the off-season.

On top of that, this ancient Croatian city has one of the most beautiful UNESCO-listed objects and stunning coastline views of the Mediterranean Sea that you can enjoy right out of your balcony or terrace. While the co-working spaces are not nearly as popular in Dubrovnik, you can easily find like-minded people by joining Facebook groups or simply by spending an evening in one of the many local bars.


Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest might not have the perfect weather, but it compensates for it by having the richest cultural atmosphere. This city is home to around two million people, including a rather large segment of remote workers and digital nomads. The reason why Budapest is becoming one of the most vibrant hot spots for digital nomads is mainly because of low living costs combined with a wide selection of co-working spaces.

If the prices alone won’t make you want to plan at least a few days of workation in Budapest, then the incredible cultural scene will definitely seal the deal. Only here you can enjoy a quality coffee cup for around one euro, eat delicious goulash for less than five euros and spend the night at one of the many ruined pubs that are well-known around the world.


Bari, Italy

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If you are looking for someplace where the weather is nice all year round, then Bari is one of the best choices out in the whole of Italy. Located on the South-East side of the country, in the Puglia region, Bari is an excellent choice for remote workers that want to spend some time near the seaside and immerse themselves in the authentic lifestyle of the locals.

Bari is known for its rich gastronomy and rather low accommodation costs, as well as beautiful landscapes. If eating delicious Italian food while working near the beach sounds like something you would really enjoy, then look no further than Bari. The only downside is that there aren’t many co-working spaces, however, you can still spend some time at places such as Impact Hub and FeelGood Coworking.


Malaga, Spain

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Spain is one of the obvious choices for any length workation. While Barcelona is a top choice for many, it is a rather big and overwhelming city to start with. If you want to experience workation in Spain but you would rather start slow, then Malaga is a great choice for you.

This vibrant Mediterranean beach — the city is well-loved by expats who enjoy the unique architecture and lively city atmosphere.  This is why Malaga has one of the biggest communities of international people who are always looking to meet new like-minded individuals. Moreover, the weather in Malaga stays pleasant during the whole year, making it a wonderful choice for those who want to exchange snow for a bit of sun. Apparently, there are more than 300 days of sunshine a year!


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