Best SMS Marketing Ideas to Generate Leads

We are currently living in a digital era where it is easier, faster, and most importantly – culturally acceptable to send a contact a small text message with essential information. […]

We are currently living in a digital era where it is easier, faster, and most importantly – culturally acceptable to send a contact a small text message with essential information. Even a child or a pensioner knows how to send an SMS to send updates about their day.

According to research, it takes only about 90 seconds for someone to read and answer a text message. Moreover, it has been recorded that, on average, people check their phones approximately 80 times per day. And that can be beneficial for more than just personal communication.

Many companies use this everyday tool for marketing their businesses, products, or services. Today, it’s easier and more affordable than ever before. After all, getting a 1-800 number is not expensive. Then, you need to gain some knowledge about your audience and be creative to harness the full power of SMS marketing. That’s what we are going to discuss in this article.

What Is SMS Marketing?

Firstly, let’s do our homework and study the definitions.

SMS marketing involves the sending of short text messages of various content to clients or leads, who can be located anywhere in the world. This type of marketing is quite effective because it can help almost any company to achieve certain goals in a short period of time.

To understand what generating leads means, we should clarify what “lead” stands for.

A lead is a consumer who has learned about your product or service using one or another marketing strategy and who may become a client in the future.

So, “lead generation” is a tool that allows you to manage a lot of potential customers.

Do You Need to Generate Leads with SMS Marketing?

Here are a few examples of why SMS marketing is a viable solution to generate leads:

  • People use text messages every day. It is a highly convenient way of receiving a short piece of information on a regular basis.
  • SMS messages quickly attract and capture attention. Remember how your friends are sharply distracted from a dialogue with you when they receive a text message.
  • Most businesses already use SMS marketing, so it is not a new technique for customers, and they are used to it. So, consumers do not need to adapt to new marketing strategies.
  • SMS marketing is starting to overtake email marketing. This is happening due to its ease of execution, reduced time consumption, and lower costs.
  • SMS marketing is easy to operate.
  • This technique allows you to reach a huge amount of people.
  • SMS marketing is a great tool for building solid communication between a company and its customers.
  • It allows you to connect directly to your target audience or loyal clients.
  • SMS marketing can work even better when you use it with other marketing campaigns.
  • The results of SMS marketing campaigns are easy to measure.
  • The options for SMS marketing are pretty much endless.

10 SMS Marketing Ideas

Like any other marketing activity, SMS marketing has its own rules and good and bad practices. Let’s examine the 10 most popular and effective SMS marketing strategies that many businesses are already using to attract potential customers.

1.   Greeting Message

Greeting messages welcome people to your company and greet new subscribers, which is essential.

Not many companies use this type of SMS text nowadays, but it is an omission.

Greeting messages can build trust in your brand, show that you care about your customers, and demonstrate that they are extremely important to you.

There are a few points that should be included in a greeting message:

  • Gratitude to the person for the subscription.
  • What people should expect from your upcoming messages.
  • Information about the frequency of your upcoming messages.
  • Information about how a person can unsubscribe from your messages.


“Thank you for joining our community!

We are going to send special discounts, just for you.

You will receive messages no more than once a week!

To unsubscribe, click here /link/”

2.   Information About Discounts

This is probably one of the most frequently applied use cases. In such messages, companies inform their loyal customers about special offers, discounts, or even new products or services. Moreover, this type is extremely cost-efficient and can create a lot of new orders.

This kind of SMS marketing has its own subtypes:

  • Sending a special promo code for a customer. This creates a unique communication that allows a client to think that they are special and the company cares about them.


“Take 15% off with your special code 15ABC”

  • Telling a customer about a discount at your site. This can help to inform a customer about a special discount if they do not check your page every day. Also, it can increase sales. In this subtype, it is important to encourage people to visit your site.


“Spring 30% discount for all tops! Visit our site to find out more.”

  • Informing a customer about new items. It is important to tell your loyal customers that you have launched a new collection or added a special service. Many people wait for new items, and it is good to inform them.


“Our new spring collection is out now! Visit our site to find out more.”

3.   Changes in Company Rules

It is necessary to inform people about any changes to company policy. That way, you can show your customers that you are not trying to fool them and you are a completely open and honest company.


“Hello /name/! We have recently updated our company policies. Click here to find out more.”

4.   Balance Message

This SMS marketing strategy contains a text message which displays a user’s balance. It can help to remind customers about your company. Some companies prefer to send this kind of message via email, but SMS is much more efficient due to the fact that it is easier for a person to read a small text on their phone. Also, it is quicker to top up accounts using a mobile phone.


“Your balance is $20. To top your account, click here.”

5.   Booking Message

Always inform your customers about the booking they have made. Emails are usually really cluttered, and your text can simply be lost in all the information. An SMS will help a company to tell its client about their bookings instantly, so customers can check all the information right away, straight after they make an order or reservation.


“You have booked an appointment at /company name/ at 5:00 pm. To add this to your calendar, click here. Send “YES” to confirm your actions.”

6.   Appointment Reminders

This SMS message is usually sent after the booking message. It should not be sent out earlier than 24 hours or later than an hour before the booked appointment.

Many clients say that it is really convenient to stay in touch with a company through such text messages. Additionally, it builds trust and creates an image of a caring company. That is extremely important for many people.


“Hello! This is a reminder about your upcoming appointment. We’ll be waiting for you at 5:00 pm at /address/. Send “YES” if you are going to come.”

7.   Invitation to an Event

Many companies hold events. It’s a good idea to create an invitation to an upcoming event and send it to loyal customers. Also, you can send a link for them to register for it. This type of SMS marketing can also build trust in the brand and create an understanding that the company is really attentive to its clients. And, of course, this text message will remind a person about the existence of the organization.


“Today, we are holding an online meeting where we are going to discuss the company’s future plans. Join us at 4:00 pm here /link/”

8.   Security Code

Security codes are really important and are one of the most frequently used SMS marketing strategies. They are usually sent when a customer wants to access their account or when they make a purchase. Security codes show customers that you care about their safety and really respect their privacy.


“Your security code is 5564. It expires in 5 minutes.”

9.   Motivational Messages

A motivational message is a simple and creative form of SMS marketing. It can be a daily quote, a wish to have a good day/night, or even a “thank you” message for being a company’s client.


  • “Never stop dreaming.”
  • “Have a good day.”
  • “Thank you for being our customer.”

10. Receipt Message

Always send all the required information about the purchase that the client made. That will help to confirm their actions. In addition, it will create trust in the brand, as with all of the previously mentioned types of SMS marketing.

Do not forget to thank the customer for buying something from you and add a link to your website.


“Thank you for making a purchase at /link/. Here is the information about your order and the receipt.”

Start Your Best Campaign!

Now you know some main SMS marketing strategies that many companies are already using. But before you can get started, you need to learn the technical side of sending out SMS marketing communications. There are 6 simple steps for this:

  1. Create a database of phone numbers. Most companies already have one as they collect the most important information about all their customers.
  2. Choose a tool for an SMS mailing. For example, it can be AI.
  3. Register the name of the sender, in other words, the name of your company, that clients will see when they receive your text messages.
  4. Create a few template text messages. Write pieces of text for each SMS communication you are going to use during your campaign.
  5. Send an SMS mailing.
  6. Analyze the results of your SMS marketing campaign, so you can create an even better version next time.

All of this will help you to start and run an excellent SMS marketing campaign.

Summing Up

You should definitely try SMS marketing, which is one of the most promising methods of business promotion. It is an effective form of communicating with potential and existing customers. Here are some tips that will help you succeed and build a rapport with your target audience:

  • Do not forget to combine SMS marketing with a number of other innovative solutions in the field of information influence on the client. For example, it may well be the use of mailing lists.
  • SMS is a short form of communication with customers. You should be able to write short but effective SMS marketing messages to attract the attention of your clients. The best way to do this is to keep it simple.
  • Moreover, try to update your subscriber base at least once every six months. Clean the numbers to which SMS messages are not delivered. Send users a message with a link to a survey and ask them to rate the quality of your newsletter.
  • Lastly, be creative and come up with your own ideas for your company’s SMS marketing campaign.

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