Best Musicals Of All Times

For this weekend, we at YT have prepared for you a list of the five greatest musicals at all time. Films in which there is hardly a moment of silence are the best and most cheerful option for the grey rainy autumn days that are currently taking over Europe.

Best Musicals of All Times

Moulin Rouge!

Were else to set this musical than in a cabaret, the obvious place.  A cabaret or a brothel – a place that with its unique atmosphere has always attracted and fascinated people.

And here begins the story of the beautiful prostitute, Satine.

The story unfolds in the early years of the twentieth century, and the action will take you to Montmartre – the most sinful part of Paris – and its bohemian lifestyle.


And in cabaret we remain for the second film from our list. Shot thirty years before Moulin Rouge, and coincidentally set thirty years later, you can compare the qualities of these two films.

The film titled Cabaret tells the story of a young British student – Brian – and his love for an American cabaret singer called Sally, in Berlin in the 1930s.

The story plays out against the backdrop of the radical events associated with the rising tide of Nazism in Germany.

Jesus Christ Superstar

The story of Jesus Christ successfully conquers the musical genre, with a tale that is too well known to be described here.

It is the execution in the form of a hippie rock musical that is the innovative piece of this film.

West Side Story

From the Bible to street rivalries in 1950s New York. Two opposing gangs have a problem. A new recruit in one of them falls in love with a girl who is the sister of the leader of the rival gang.

A story that plays out like a carbon copy of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is ageless.

As a musical, West Side Story became an enormous success, and so it was for the film, which won 10 Oscars.

Hello, Dolly!

What could be better for a movie in the musical genre than the main protagonist who can actually sing?

Barbra Streisand in the role of Dolly Levi was quite the choice. A widow who spends her time matchmaking couples from various spheres of society.

Also appearing in the film was Louis Armstrong, on the trumpet.

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Singin’ in the Rain

Introduced in the article Films about Music.

Which are the best musicals for you?

Photo: IMDB

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