Best Movies of the Forties

In assembling movie picks for this weekend, we have carefully selected some of the best movies of the next decade. In the nineteen forties, World War II was in the news daily and had a large impact on the movie industry.  In addition to movies that reflect the war and its influences, we have also chosen a comedy and a fantasy film.

It’s a Wonderful Life 

This is a movie that, over the years, has become a Christmas classic in the USA. A man named George Bailey is about to commit suicide, right before Christmas. Many people pray for him, and Heaven  sends an emissary to help him.  Before he can do his job, he has to familiarise himself with George´s life, and so does the viewer.

Přednosta stanice (Station Master) 

Legendary Czech comedian Vlasta Burian in the role of an unticketed passenger who, to avoid the train inspector, runs into the train station and changes into a uniform and pretends to be a Station Master in the absence of a real one and makes a shambles of it.

The Great Dictator 

The unforgettable Charlie Chaplin: with silent comic sketches he first moved audiences with the film Kid (included in the selection of twenties movies).  In the thirties he was fighting Modern Times. And Chaplin went with the times in the forties and reacted accordingly. The film The Great Dictator is a clear reflection on the situation in Nazi Germany, and Chaplin does very well.


And we continue with the Second World War. During the war years, Rick Blaine owns a nightclub in Morocco, which is under the influence of the Third Reich. Morocco belongs to France, which has been defeated by the Nazis. Rick´s club is not just a meeting place, it also is a gambling spot, and the place where people can get forged documents. A couple – László and his wife Ilsa – who are fleeing from the Nazis, need to secure two visas to America, and then Rick recognises that Ilsa is his former girlfriend.

The Best Years of Our Lives 

The last of today´s movie picks is also set in the World War II era. Three former soldiers are heading home and are trying to deal with their experiences in the War and their memories of it and get back to normal life.

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Photo: IMDB

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