Best Bits from Day Two Of ‘Is Corporate Responsibility Key to Sustainability?’ Event

Day Two of Youth Time's 'Is Corporate Responsibility Key To Sustainability' saw four more inspirational talks. Here are the best bits.

The second day of Youth Time’s ‘Is Corporate Responsibility Key to Sustainability’ event kicked off with IPMI’s Dr Amelia Indrajaya, who gave a personal look into CSR. 

For her “CSR should be at the heart and soul of every business” and she gave a passionate and enthusiastic look into how CSR has the power to change the world.

With this outlook, she emphasised to the audience that everyone has the power to change the world through their actions and through their businesses. 

She explained: “We should be trying to do the best we can in everything we do. It’s not just about philanthropy, it should be part of a business model.”



At IMPI, there are 257 examples of how – through their Aim2Flourish programme – they have been successful creating profit through sustainability. 

One innovation that she highlighted was in Indonesia, where IPMI are based, with the creation of biodegradable plastic bags, which used the philosophy of breakthrough actions to make something that is helping to change their community in a positive way. 

Also, she spoke wholeheartedly about the by empowering people within a business, change can be made at the highest level – everyone has the power to create change. 

Her talk will be available on Youth Time’s social media channels soon. 



Next up Rikash Biswas, a Youth Time International Movement ambassador and Idea Grant Winner, gave an insight into his company IYSERT and entrepreneurship. 

This interesting interview touched upon his journey from an idea and the equivalent of $50 in India to a company that he believes will overtake Tesla in five year’s time with products geared around renewable energy, which has seen him branch out from making engines to creating ‘solar trees’.

His products are built around creating sustainability, a founding principle of his ideas and he believes that with a good idea the potential is limitless.

He explained: “Entrepreneurship is nothing, it starts with a thought and if you implement it you will be able to show it off and create success. This can help you and future generations – this should always be the aim.”

He is doing just that at his company IYSERT, with the creation of Lab X, a way to bring other inventors’ ideas to life with the success shared between the two sides. 

Outside of the office, Mr Biswas and his organisation are providing 1,000 meals every day for those in need around the area of Rajasthan and they have been busy during the last year too, providing aid and basic medicine. 

For him, it is all about giving back as he believes that he will get just the same in return – the philosophy of karma. 

As for young people, he added: “Young people should always give back what they can. It should be a strong motivation in your heart and it is always a cycle in my mind.

“We want to create people partnerships and by doing that we can leave a great legacy behind us.” 


Walk With Us

From one inspiring story to another as Youth Time spoke exclusively with another ambassador, South African, Warren Handley. 

Warren, after getting a leadership talk and interning in some life-changing circumstances, he and his friend Tom David, set out to not only climb Mount Kilimanjaro and then walk back home. The catch? Home was Johannesburg in South Africa and they decided to live off $2 a day. 

What followed was a trip that lasted six months, truncated with incredible generosity, mixed with “beautiful experiences and beautiful people”. 

The lessons that he found within the trip were about “knowing your why?” and pushing yourself to go as far as you can. He also wrote a book on his experience, titled Walk With Us

The trip was in aid of Early Childhood Development, a cause close to Warren’s heart and one that he has continued to support three years after his epic journey. 

Having visited communities across the six countries he walked through, Warren believes companies need their communities to thrive, whether through buying products or creating a workforce.

This is their responsibility to contribute to their communities. 

This is a talk not to be missed, so make sure that you head to Youth Time’s social media channels to re-watch this inspirational journey.


Sparking New Ideas

The last webinar of the second day was from Nelson Mejia, from WeSpark, who talked through when innovation meets social responsibility and education. 

WeSpark’s vision is to spread a human-centric perspective on innovation. They want to drive curiosity and be the source that ignites the first spark for your next great idea, that great idea just ready to be born!

Sharing his expertise in innovation, he gave advice for both individuals and companies on how they can share knowledge. 

He explained: “Giving the knowledge to our community can be a great way to create new inspiration and innovation.

“The more your company grows, the more you should contribute.”

He spoke through challenges his start-up has faced, especially around giving away his company’s expertise as well as the tough times during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

He also believes that social responsibility should start young, where schools show the way forward as students develop their ideas and inspiration. 

Tomorrow, Samsung, Saints Foundation and are on the menu for the third day of Youth Time’s four-day event.

For all the latest updates, head to Youth Time’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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