Best Bits from Day Three of ‘Is Corporate Responsibility Key To Sustainability?’ Event

The penultimate day of Youth Time's 'Is Corporate Responsibility Key To Sustainability?' saw three more top speakers. Here's the details.

The third day of Youth Time’s online event Is Corporate Responsibility a Key to Sustainability was dedicated to answer the questions around the relation between CSR and PR, sport and social responsibility, how to balance between making a profit and giving back to the community, but also who is actually responsible for sustainable development of the businesses?

In case you have missed the event, Youth Time International Movement will publish all of the sessions on their social media channels, so that all people who are willing to learn more about CSR, can get the opportunity to watch the whole event. 


Three Stellar Speakers

During the day’s events, there were very interesting and inspiring stories shared by the three speakers. All of them gave honest insights about their work and challenges they are facing today. 

We had an unique opportunity to see how much effort Samsung is putting every year  into supporting young leaders, modern education, philanthropy programs and many other opportunities they have created for youth as a part of Global Samsung Strategy established in 2013.

The highlight of the event was an exclusive interview with Greg Baker, the head of Saints Foundation, Southampton FC’s associated charity, who illustrated and explained that football can and must be more than just the game, much more than fun and entertainment. “Sport is nothing without its community” stated Greg. 

Which is the responsibility to make business aware of social and environmental issues? 

Who is creating business strategies that are helping individual, local communities to try solving global issues such as climate changes? 

Nadia Woodhouse, activator for EY’s Global Center for Board Matters, tried to answer all those questions. 

‘Does it really matter what we do for society?’ was the first webinar launched by Samsung Electronc’s corporate citizenship manager Zuzana Mravík Zelenická.  Zuzana has been responsible for the local CSR strategy design and implementation for the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2014.


Good Reception For Samsung

She gave a deeper insight into Samsung’s CSR strategy and how it is perceived by the public. Participants got the opportunity to be introduced with their programs for youth such as your chance

“We empower and support the next generation to achieve the full potential while making positive changes,” explained Zuzana. 

She noted that one of the biggest goals of Samsung’s strategy is to make the leaders of the future which will become a part of their corporate family.

In the last few years, they had supported more than a million youngsters all over the globe, trained more than 56,000 of teachers through their innovation campus, regional and local programs. 

The biggest challenge for Samsung is the visibility of their opportunities for youth. 

They have discovered that people are not aware of their programs and all efforts they are putting into social responsibility. 

Youth Time Magazine decided to support them and to publish all their upcoming opportunities for youth which was one of the event’s goals. To connect and to help good ideas to spread further! 


Inspiring Stories

Some of the most inspiring moments during the event was the interview that Joshua Donaldson, the editor of Youth Time Magazine, made with Greg Baker, the head of Saints Foundation.

Participants could hear how this organisation is helping the local community by using the power of the club and their passionate team. 

Grag said that they are the club’s brand and are helping them to raise the awareness of the current issues by engaging fans and participants to effectively communicate their work. 

That is the way how everyone who is a fan of Southampton FC can get involved with the charity work and could actually help the community. 

The main conclusion of the event was that corporate sustainability will not just help the community to solve the urgent issues and to increase the awareness of it, but also will help businesses to sustain and to stay on the market for a long, long time. 


The Fourth And Last Day

This means that in the future we will buy products that are not just known for a good quality but also recognised by good deeds. 

Tomorrow will be the last day of the event where you will get the opportunity to learn more about what young people need, how can we improve the world, the art of storytelling and you can also get involved in our discussion.

Don’t worry if you missed anything from Day Two, we’ve got you covered.

Best Bits from Day Two Of ‘Is Corporate Responsibility Key to Sustainability?’ Event

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