Best Android Apps of 2014. Maybe You Don’t Use Some of Them Yet

Google unveiled its “best of” list for 2014 Android apps. According to the company the list is based on total number of downloads.

The categories of the most downloaded apps are education, health & fitness, music, photography, social, entertainment, sports, and travel. A curious fact is that health & fitness apps are getting more and more popular. was also named the fastest growing.

The Duolingo is a free app, that helps you learn languages like Spanish, French, etc.

Netflix is not something you can watch just on your computer. Now, if you want to be entertained while you are out and about, you can download this android app and stream films and TV shows, including old and new stuff.

The best health and fitness app for 2014 is MyFitnessPal. It keeps a diet journal and counts your calories.

For the music fans Pandora is the app to go to as you can stream tunes from curated internet radio stations.

If you want to take your chance with directing you can give it a go with Flipagram, which helps create music video-like stories from your photos.

As for the social media, Facebook is once again the most downloaded app of the year.

A perfect way to keep track of the sports news is with NFL Mobile. You can get football updates, in-game highlights, live game scores, or whatever you are interested in.

Your best advisor while planning a trip is of course TripAdvisor. It helps you plan your vacations with other travelers’ reviews, photos, etc.

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