Ben Gold: Being a DJ Is Hard Work, Not A Glamorous Life

How does success differ from fame? What does the work day of a musician who inspires crowds of fans all over the world look like? What is the role of luck in the life of a musician? Answers to these and other questions were given us by Ben Gold, the British trance music DJ.

Get Known Better DJ Ben Gold

Hello Ben Gold, you know as DJ. Why did you choose trance?

You have to make music that is connected with something. When I listen to trance it takes me somewhere, I think I can even forget what has been going on in my life. If I have had a really bad day I can just listen to a record which I really like and – and life’s going to be OK after that.

Trance is emotion, it’s a feeling about it, it’s a fancy, it really targets your strength – and I get that feeling.

So, more or less it can transform your life then – I mean trance music.

I wish my life were as happy as I am when I am listening to trance (laughing). Well, I don’t want to say my life isn’t happy, but if I have to find a way out of some difficulties, I can put on the trance track to make it much better. And when I have a good day – I feel even more amazing when I listen to trance.

What about colleagues and competitors in your field? Does it mean a lot to you, to be the first or the last one?

A good question… (thinking) I’ve never wanted to be famous. That point has never been among my objectives.

My aim – and I guess it’s really a fundamental one for my business – is to do something I love. One melody can change the world, I’m aware of that, and when there’s just one person who can make it with music – it’s an accomplishment. So, that’s kind of the way I go.

Everyone has a plan, or everyone should have a plan, where he wants to go. I’m on track at the moment. I’m lucky to tour the world, to see unbelievable places, to play for the crowds. I’m going to have fun, I’m going to stay at the scene as long as I can.

There’s no ceiling, really, everything depends on circumstances… You know, there are several parts which success made of: there’s 60% talent, 20% luck – well, maybe even more luck (laughing), and the last part consists of your hard work and desire, your passion for the scene.

You’re waking up in the morning and you have several views of your day to make sure you will achieve something in the end.

It’s not enough to have just luck, I think, but it’s still important. Anyway I’m sure that everyone can achieve whatever he wants to achieve.

Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

I don’t know whether I’m truly lucky, I guess yes to a certain degree. Right time in the right place, you know. Maybe if I were in a different situation, the future could be different.

Being a DJ is not an easy job at all, by the way. Everyone sees this as superstar DJ or a music producer that lives this glamorous way of life.

For me it looks a bit different: before I got here today, I played last night in Israel, I slept for one hour after the show, then fell into a car and traveled four hours through the desert, arrived at 6 a.m. to the airport, caught my flight to Vienna, waited two hours there for transfer, flew to Prague – and after we landed I had one hour to sleep again and went straight here to the club where we are talking now.

So – that’s the reality, and when you look at it like that, it’s not so glamorous at all (laughing). Everyone sees the gloss and the performance, but standing on the stage and performing is not the hardest part of the job.

The job for me is to sit in the airplane, or sit in the car while rushing to the airport or spending eight hours there between transfers.

That’s the part of the job you do not enjoy at all, I guess.

Exactly. Performance – that’s what it is all about for me. However, I’m not complaining. I have never had a «regular» job in my life – what is it actually? I consider my job as a regular one, too. But going to the office from 9 am to 5 pm – I never did that and I do not want that. I think this background is partly my motivation, my desire, what drives me to succeed, but not to be famous.

Being successful and being famous – these two things are different. Me – I want success.

What would you wish yourself for your future?

Health. That’s my ultimate wish, because without that you can’t do anything. I wish all that is good for my friends and family, I wish to love and to be loved.

I actually do what I can to make this wish real – I look after myself, I’m training hard, I do not drink too much alcohol. The beer I have in my hand right now is my second one and I’m done for today – yes, that’s it, because I have to get home, I have to get up tomorrow and begin a new day with my music.

A bit more about Ben Gold

Ben Gold is one of the most prolific artists of his generation, and at the tender age of 26 his sound transcends continents as he performs across the globe from Miami to LA and from Australia to Ibiza, with big appearances at sell-out events such as Bal en Blanc in Montreal, the prestigious ASOT celebration parties, Global Gathering, and Creamfields.

And he has become the newly-crowned resident of The Gallery, held at the biggest super club in the World, Ministry of Sound. One of the most accomplished and skilled studio engineers in the business, his versatile ability casts a net far and wide, with some of the most established artists employing his craft to define their unique sound.

It all began at the age of 15, when the self-taught and highly motivated Ben Gold took just one year for his first original material to be signed to the biggest compilation of the moment, “Trance Nation”.

Today, with a consistent radio presence on broadcast stations such as BBC Radio 1 and features on ASOT, and Tiesto’s Club Life, Gold’s reach is truly global. With over 1 million plays on YouTube, thousands of singles sold, and with an army of fans throughout the world, Ben Gold is one of the most in-demand DJs of the moment, with a tour schedule that is a testament to his electrifying live appearances.


Photos: Moc Noc Music

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