Bats: Soar with the Melodies of Australian Night Skies with Cub Sport!

Become one with the creatures of Brisbane, Queensland. With the warmth of Australian heat and the electricity of alternative pop, the youthful band Cub Sport flies onto the music scene with their second album “BATS”.

Soar with the melodies of Bats

Bats: The earth never sleeps. Its core pulsates while breaths are continuing to be born of quietude through the dead of night. The day almost disagrees with the brittle transition of darkness, as it sinks away over the mountains, only to make space for the stars to roam the kingdom of the sky.

However, the hot ball of glowing gases claiming to be the biggest star doesn’t admit its jealousy of its trillion of offspring.

In her absence, the moon creates a lamp of peacefulness. Her glow upon the body of the planet is to be trusted. She wishes for souls to lean on her guidance when the dark seems too black.

The inked colored paper that rests upon the sphere, is accompanied by creatures that flourish on the apathy of tomorrow. Their spirits linger in the night, as the wind aids them in many directions.

The fixed illuminated points of the jet-black night, appear to gracefully caress their fleecy coats, as they become one with the tinted atmosphere.

Morning awaits like a distant memory, as there is brightness in a world covered by the night.

As these birds of the hour’s darkness, awake from their slumber to form life surrounding mother nature’s mystic blanket, the vibrant alternative pop band, Cub Sport finds the beauty in these beasts that assist the portrait of Australian nights. Cub Sport interprets their delicacy through alternative pop lenses and the animal’s symbolic nature in their 2017 album “Bats”.

Fly over the Night Sky

With a heavy 90’s influence of style and electronic sound, the pop group melts your worries down into a light puddle of peace with their blueprint designed in a dream-like manner of edgy interpretation.

The Brisbane natives Tim Nelson, (Lead vocals, keyboard, guitar) Zoe Davis, (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboard) Sam Netterfield (Keyboard, vocals) and Nan Puusaari (drums, keyboard) possess a similar imperialistic nature of Lime Cordiale and The 1975, with the slight texture of U2 as they paint melodic energy of youthful composure.

Starting as a backing band for Nelson’s solo projects, the band later released their self-titled debut EP “Tim Nelson & the Cub Scouts” in 2010. Following a legal dispute over the name, the band officially renamed the group Cub Sport, demolishing electronic synthpop barriers in their 2016 album “This Is Our Vice”.

Alternative Pop/Rock derived from post-punk bands from the 80s to the mid-90s. With the wide variety of musical styles, Alternative Pop/Rock lives and flourishes outside the mainstream music culture. Independent in sounds and nature, Cub Sport continues to own the night through international tours, visiting cities such as Paris, San Francisco, and Toronto.


…I don’t even know, what I want out of life, what I’m Chasing…









O Lord, Chase the Pain Away

The project “Bats”, centers around the recognition of uncertainty. Within various walks of life, people venture into their own world of doubt and manipulation. Tim Nelson’s timid yet vociferous expression emotionally notices the power of analyzing internal and external intuitiveness. However, Cub Sport doesn’t view this action as a negative one. Cub Sport decides to focus on the beauty in the nature of the unknowing. The album expresses the goodness questioning can conclude within aspects of a person’s existence. This ability of questioning is proclaimed in an angelic mode through the first track of the album “Chasin”.


An unfamiliar touch can feel like a ton of bricks, hitting your cranium and crushing that fragile object which lies under the chest. Your mind spirals into a hypnotic trance of anxious questions. “What does this mean?” “How am I feeling?” ‘Who am I?”. When two souls connect, there is a point in which honesty and contentment flush through the tunnel mixed with human life juice, red as a ruby stone.

The body protects and shields organs from harm. But the body, cannot protect the damage someone you love can make emotionally. In the track “O Lord”, the earnest cry for guidance in a spiritual, choir inspired intensity, expresses that uncertainty can be scary, but love can obtain the greatest strength.


As gentle as the night can be, the album is flawless in times of tranquility. Throughout the most stressful times of my life, I find myself wanting the peaceful nature the project creates. The album can be the soundtrack of making a delicious meal after a long day of work or studying viciously for that final exam.

However, the album (judging from experience) is most appreciated with a glass of wine paired with a harmonious bubble bath, candled preferred. Although calming in presentation, I would rate the album a strong 7 out of 10.

This Is Our Vice” was a strong, perfectly executed album. “Bats” can tend to sound like a rushed project. The album has familiar gestures similar to the “vice” album but just doesn’t feel well accomplished.

The album of Bats consists of 13 songs with three additional bonus tracks. It Is hard, however, to find memorable songs that I cling to completely. Nonetheless, this album should take up a prominent space upon your emotional playlist. Whether it is a long drive sinking into the midnight environment or narrating a chill part of the day to put your mind at ease, Cub Sport can be a pure shoulder to lean on.

Check out Cub Sport Now and start soaring with the melodies now!

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